poem: she speaks – 04/07/22

She speaks of song and arpeggiated reach twittering ascension, her duty to self is to soar into a land of quiet achievement obtained with personal praise self-talk of encouragement no derision raised tones should have no home on a pathway of momentum gentle positivity will grow. © 2022 Lauren M. Hancock Poetry and Prose. All [...]

Poem: Bright – 21/08/21

Nothing to be depressed about, so positive, so joyous – so free, encumbered paths we could say but ecstatic I choose to be, it’s about which side to view and walk alongside Life, I could pinpoint, acknowledge, tiny points of strife, elaborate, with magnitude, some attitude filled with, rife, with annoyance, with irritation, or feelings of ‘discrimination’. [...]

Poem: Beneath My Layers – 01/07/20

Sometimes, occasionally, I feel like I’m coming back to life.   When the outer layers peel down and around me, revealing the scintillating softness inside.   So curious am I to view and feel and touch this part of my identity, where I am completely vulnerable and wholesome and completely, utterly me.   This nature [...]