Poem: Trust Me Yet – 29/10/21

Think not of the
worries of our times,
instead, be inspired by life,
everything there is to gain,
appreciation, let it soar,
gratitude flow from within,
it’s not so difficult to
change perspective,
from negative to positive.

With practice, it’ll come
with time,
events to ponder,
take your time,
I understand sadness
might linger within,
but look for more
than this papery feeling,
if you try, you can
begin certain healing.

And when this occurs,
feel the multitude of
amazing emotions soar,
uplifting be the memories
you chose to pluck from the
air of your hemisphere,
personal, yet becoming
comfortable public property,
and then you will know
the magic of true intent,
the purpose of gaining wisdom
about oneself, your mind,
you’ll make it,
trust me.
Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.

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Lauren M. Hancock Poetry and Prose


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