Poem: Wisdom Gleaned (09/10/21) – 28/11/21

Author's note: Sometimes I like to look back at my drafts and see what was on my mind months prior, and how I constructed these realities into rhymes and words to soothe myself, express anger, frustration, upsets, or some such. This piece I feel still has some of these truths ringing in my current reality. Hence, I thought I would share it with you here today.

Poem: Seek – 16/10/21

The territory is brave, I watch the illustrious gloom bloom in its cave, a cavern of intent, through darkness, plain to see, motives growing as we both live and breathe. What was meant for this cause? Shall I ponder deeply, for longer, as I struggle through doors, of questions, no answers, each pathway needs a potential ending which I shall never see. [...]

Poem: Sentiments – 07/09/21

A tirade inside flows with voluptuous sentiment from the lips of one blue in the face, feelings of entitlement, the inability to quieten down the torment, or seemingly distract oneself from something deep within, and dormant. Treasure not those memories, incorrectly saved, interpreted experiences disgust for another day, allow the truths to come forth, blatant, flooding like a river, still, discomfort at knowing that there was something awry, rest upon the windowsill, glance away at the wanton Moon. [...]

Poem: Fashionable Undertakings – 06/09/21

My confidence in self-expression, I don’t care for looks of derision, curious undertakings, the strangers I sometimes catch glancing, I wear my big heavy boots with pride, wear dark makeup all I like, I dress how I want without hindrance, it may seem to others a small decision. But I am being bold, letting my choices break the mould, I don’t care for judgements or disapproval, my approval is the only type I need to view. Being confident in myself used to be much of a chore, for I dressed, presented in ways that called for attention, of other’s approval I did implore. [...]

Poem: Breathe Freely – 04/09/21

I woke up today with this feeling improvements are coming my way. I roused today with the knowledge amid the blustering breeze gritty cares will be transported away. I am aware now that I am stronger, as I grow, irreverent words pool, tide carries them to sand and soil, away, angelic beats of beauties in expiring melted snow heralding a new era, trumpets to ears; nothing much left to say, but, I was forthcoming, I severed a tie, temporarily it must be, unless truth, future and beauty cause the past to decay, and a lifelong extension may be necessary in order for me to freely breathe.

Poem: Flourishing – 10/09/20

My lips drip with compassion, the honey drags itself into view, my tongue flickers, a slight taste of care and hope imbued, the lingering residue. I am careful with my ability to share understanding, and self-knowledge, the strength of being able to know oneself entirely, it can be learned, I am learning it, too. I was lost, so confused I was away from the land that I deemed important, [...]

Poem: In The Springtime of Your Youth – 11/10/19

It’s like in your life the season is spring, everything is regenerating; all is coming to life again.   The flower buds protrude, the birds in their nests become obsessed with their new fledgings.   Parents anxiously feeding, fussing, brightness and flock of a feather becoming.   Your heart swells at the feeling that you [...]

Poetry and Prose: Myself as the Other – 03/10/19

Sometimes, oftentimes, I’d wonder why. Why was I so awkward, so different, so quiet, so damned shy? I’d go through life wanting to avoid the stilted conversations, the dialogue that barely went beyond the obligatory “How are you?” “Good, thanks,”, and a cheery but weak-willed, “That’s good!”, knowing that it wouldn’t go much further than [...]