Poem: Fashionable Undertakings – 06/09/21

My confidence in self-expression,
I don’t care for looks of derision,
curious undertakings,
the strangers I sometimes catch glancing,
I wear my big heavy boots with pride,
wear dark makeup all I like,
I dress how I want without hindrance,
it may seem to others a small decision.

But I am being bold, letting my choices
break the mould,
I don’t care for judgements or disapproval,
my approval is the only type I need to view.
Being confident in myself used to be much of
a chore,
for I dressed, presented in ways
that called for attention, of other’s approval
I did implore.

Nowadays, I please myself, yearning I am not
to be noticed and accepted for someone that I
really was not,
no longer clothed in garb that screamed for their eyes,
bare naked skin,
exposed legs, soft thighs.
I walk the streets and shops in elaborate heavy boots,
shiny accessories,
caring not for looks of affection,
I express in my own style,
it may glean attention,
but it’s not doing so
for the most incorrect of reasons.

Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
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