Poem: Sentiments – 07/09/21

A tirade inside
flows with voluptuous sentiment
from the lips of one
blue in the face,
feelings of entitlement,
the inability to quieten down the torment,
or seemingly distract oneself from something
deep within, and dormant.

Treasure not those memories,
incorrectly saved,
interpreted experiences disgust for
another day,
allow the truths to come forth,
blatant, flooding like a river,
discomfort at knowing
that there was something awry,
rest upon the windowsill,
glance away at the wanton Moon.

The voices within the soul,
reside in the mind of cracked cranium,
a wonder that the bravery is not part of them,
displayed with justice, observed with hope,
their pathway can be traipsed around all
one likes,
but without intention what is the point
in delving into the complexities of things,
of their mind,
when there’s nothing positive or learned to see?

Diatribes now,
deranged, delinquency,
causing curses upon everyone close to me,
me? Where do I come in the journey,
I’ve not been ropable for a while,
until now, until this very moment,
I will dismount my stallion, golden horse,
and wipe away the negatives, the undesirable durations,
others’ sad inability to change.

I will converge, I will create, I will continue
to rid this world of hate,
for what is done when I’ve performed my will?
What shall we be left with?
For services, please apply through the mail.

Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
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  1. A fantastically creative piece, my dearest Lauren. You conjure great complexities and paradox, and tie them with the simple in a wonderfully linguistical creation. Love it much. 🥰❤️


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