Poem: In The Springtime of Your Youth – 11/10/19

It’s like in your life the season is spring,
everything is regenerating;
all is coming to life again.
The flower buds protrude,
the birds in their nests become
obsessed with their new fledgings.
Parents anxiously feeding,
brightness and flock of a feather becoming.
Your heart swells at the feeling that you too
are appreciated,
looked after,
cared for with great gentleness and self-assurance.
Not by another but by yourself,
you almost feel as if you don’t deserve these
 moments here in this peaceful, blossoming world
where you have assigned a place of love,
a place of comfort,
a place of personal growth.
Because here you will know of this more,
soon when you realise that you are overdue for everything
because for you, my sweet,
there are many open doors.
So do not cry at the notion that you are less than deserving,
do not allow a single tear to fall unless it is from
your personal feeling of a blessing.
And please love yourself
within the headiness of this springtime air,
embrace the birds, the circling bees,
the hanging trees with their veils to avoid
their hidden passageways being seen.
Your heart needs to be open and willingly prepared for this care.

© 2019 Alice Well Art, Lauren M. Hancock also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.  

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