poem: falling, falling – 03/04/22

Prompts used: Dearest Heart, I’m falling apartMy soul burnsForlorn flames Title: falling, fallingby Lauren M. Hancock My dearest heart I amfallingapartI turn and burn,my soul is engulfed by thewandering cruel actions,my soul, it speaks, it shrieks,my spirit rises forth away from the gloomI fall apartfloating, into pieces,ashes fly high and away,my darling heart watch meas [...]

poem: time for change – 31/03/22

"TIME FOR CHANGE"(c) 2022 by Lauren M. Hancock it’s time to change,to embrace love and life,there is nothing I would erase;each moment and breatha welcome momentor an opportunity to learnto grow and accept the phase.Time and time againI found myself on the plane of existencewondering when would Life listen, with herpinpricked ears would she discern [...]

poem: cherished – 28/03/22

the magic of the Universe callsspiral patterns curlreminding us of grandma,mother and childthe lush serene natureof breathglows from Gaia’s glorious eyesenlivened spiritsexploring elvesglittering sprightly sprites.I am amazed by the clouded blue before meabove rainbows threaten to fallmagnificent oceans,raging and still, waitingfor the next wet treasure fromNature’s dripping eyesa blessing unto the animalsforest dwellersand rainforest homesdeserts [...]

post: i will be – 01/03/22

I will be the boisterous me I will grin and bear the dreams I will heal and steal that light the sun of the Son of the Sun I will rise when the prisms sparkle rainbow sheens I will be fortuitous and reach for desired dreams I will call and call for items like sticky pearls because they satiate my need for nourishment be and end all.