Frustrated: 15/01/22

I over the melodramaticsThe bullshit sycophanticthe apparent rambling lunaticswhom do not know how to please themselves without easetheir problems can be oursBut I'm sick of being helpful divine whose put downI will launch a grenade and set myself alightI will smile as I dance with the powder beeswaxing with the moon and his counterpart Saturn [...]

poem: wonder – 20/12/21

I don’t wonder about the beauty of the moonlight I never question the luminosity of the stars what they mean when they’re together burning up in arms I don’t want to see them fall shoot across the sky because they’re already perfection in stationary twinkling searing being diamonds slicing the serenity of my eyes as I gaze into the epiphanies of my solar tides I can be without existing so it seems in this world, creation of myself affirmations I use as treatment my words treasure the ephemeral nights lit by haunting future days [...]

Poem: personal astronomy – 12/12/21

as I speak, I wonder, what is there to gather from this world we inhabit? what is there to take away from it? to cherish, to treasure from it? so much to glean so many concepts felt, seen and thriving is this feeling I have within me for I have grown wiser from my experiences played puppet and now I dance the strings with ease it’s electrifying to know that I can direct my movements rest assured, Life is calling, finally, and I am welcomed by it. [...]

Poem: divine gratitude – 07/12/21

my feet are firmly planted and I’m no longer here yearning, asking why, why not have I? while others seem so preciously pleased and at ease and, amazing now, I am one of these. these people, one of many I am I search my pockets for a clue a hand-jotted note a materialistic reminder that I am here and I don’t need to wonder wandering around lost and confusion wailing, trailing the heels of others for a reverent decision [...]

Spoken Word Poetry Collaboration: Implore – by Navin Manik and Lauren M. Hancock – 29/11/21

Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to work with my dear friend, Navin Manik of Navin's Poetry to write and record together a piece together. Please visit his site for his amazing spoken word and poetry. There you will find soulful, striking, deep words from his very soul recorded, performed and shared. We sincerely hope you enjoy our poetry project, Implore.

Poem: Tepid – 01/10/21

I remember when life was tepid, unenthusiastic, carried little warmth, I remember being feeling disconnected from the world in and of itself, that I was a victim of many circumstances, not one, that others were targeting me, I was unlucky or such or some, I remember feeling different, that I was never accepted that much, never right, never really enough. [...]