Poem: clear to see – 10/12/21

clear to see the metamorphosis is clear to see vials of perfume softly springing to mind, see? I remember you saying my name over and over, muttering in your sleep or was this just part of my former fervent dream wanting to be needed what a permanent picture; so dreary, so dreary, terrible need. many years spent travelling those desperately craggy mountains like that gypsy family seeking solace reverence within their country protection, sweet notions, extending their planning with ease, what does this mean to me – to see, be heard, be seen, but not felt, no, not yet… the only tactile response will be what is calling to my mindset, leave pawing, clawing in the dust, there’ll be absolutely none of that… outrageously wise and perfectly contrite I siiiing with my presence by yours, theirs, myself by his side, and warranted yet are the prismatic rays of light bounding bouncing forth, assign this nonsense, this humdrum of a blur and renewed life. [...] But I cannot be, I will not be without reference, I will dance in my seat without any form of sufferance, I will gather the cause and realise it’s enough, enough, to be wound, bound together do not cut the cord sever yourself from the aspect that’s calling calling upon my bare feet like leech-covered lilies and vulnerable sticky pearls. (10/12/21) Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.

Spoken Word and Poem: delving night-words – 07/12/21

delving the night-time is for writing with her deep thick languid ease fingers padding gentle surfaces tap-stroking certain keys the favoured vowels the yearning syllables my mind speaks with slick sensing sifting through the marionettes floating at the mind-stage surfaces the dolls how they dance they speak in time, rhythm and rhyme dangling before me tap-tap-dancing my mind takes them in behind them a quiet notion becoming bolder a night-time commotion singing to the surface is black ink spilled… dramatics. [...]

Poem: transparent duration – 01/12/21

as time passes the seconds allow me to comprehend to ascertain to understand that duration is really just a dependent notion when one is hoping for some form of deep contemplation [...] analyse the silences the breathes unmade the sleeves of unspoken words heard felt seen the trailing of eclipses what is this business of wondering waiting delving into my open chasm of ticking hands unwanted and unfree? [...]

Spoken Word Poetry Collaboration: Implore – by Navin Manik and Lauren M. Hancock – 29/11/21

Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to work with my dear friend, Navin Manik of Navin's Poetry to write and record together a piece together. Please visit his site for his amazing spoken word and poetry. There you will find soulful, striking, deep words from his very soul recorded, performed and shared. We sincerely hope you enjoy our poetry project, Implore.

Poem: Wisdom Gleaned (09/10/21) – 28/11/21

Author's note: Sometimes I like to look back at my drafts and see what was on my mind months prior, and how I constructed these realities into rhymes and words to soothe myself, express anger, frustration, upsets, or some such. This piece I feel still has some of these truths ringing in my current reality. Hence, I thought I would share it with you here today.

Poem: the owls – 27/11/21

the owls, the owlsthey tiptoe along the wiresharing songs and stories,eons of lifetimes togetherfervent hoots and warblesaltogetherimpressive wingspans as they envelopthe biting morning air togetherhush down little preyscatter as you mayall words, no prey, no victimsbut treated with such tendernessowls caress the vowels and syllableswithout damnationwith much great proofof ultimate, irreverentatypical swayyythrough and throughplucked from [...]

Poem: striving – 07/11/21

striving my mission is pure, Seer’s blood I am sure, entitled to breathe in and relax because I am laying, stress-relived upon my back, there’s nothing left to say except this, I cannot stress enough the importance of wanting to remain, to be the best in life that I can be, pity those who care not for life, who do not accept it as something to be cherished, loved, adored, too. [...]

Poem: Soulful Journey – 25/10/21

Ride the carriage with ease, soulful journey, as pleasant as you please, the wind in my hair as I whistle and need fresh breath filling my lungs – joyous moments felt and seen. I take this ride away from yesteryears, travel forth, there’s no need to fear, I have been here before, many eons ago, but I am well versed in these rules, there are none to relearn or know. [...]