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Hi there! Thank you for taking some time out to visit. I’m Lauren M. Hancock. I love writing poetry and this is why I’ve decided to dedicate my page to this genre, and move on from the Alice Well Art page this originally was. I hope to reach you with my words, and hope you return soon.

Feel free to navigate around my site: read poetry or stories, view sample artworks, read a little more about me as an artist, or get in contact with me.

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Poem: Everyone May Be Busy – 28/02/20

Sometimes I enjoy being on my own, Meditating on my thoughts, Or lack thereof. The feeling of openness which can be brought forth by Simple introversion, Viewing what is within.   While I could be content with such a mode, Often I yearn for the compatibility of others, My close friends, My living champions, Those […]

Poem: The Others – 28/02/20

The others watch me lazily, yet with intent, from their quiet area of silent judgement, it is as though I am being assessed for living and breathing, such a scoundrel I am, I must turn the tables, to impress!   Yet why bother when these individuals are perpetually displeased? There seems little point in exacerbating […]

Poem: Purple Girl – 27/02/20

He tells me he has seen a girl, with vivid purple hair shining in the sun, according to him she walked with great presence away from him, her face was hidden, yet her aura shone, with flecks of blue, and green and gold, if I cared to know I would look these up, the energy, […]

Poem: Gateway – 27/02/20

I’ve come to a stark white marble gateway where I have the choice, presented with left or right, which path is moral, which path is exploratory, which will help reach a state of divinity?   I pause at the crossroads, unsure of which road to take, because the truth of the matter is I’m barely […]

Poem: Girlish Dreams – 26/02/20

fairy bread and toffee apples and Barbie dolls and cupcakes pink princess outfits and friends’ prematurely planned weddings and skipping rope and playing-house games   a little girl’s dreams so simple and easy to please those years in primary school where we danced on the rocks like sprites with ease   but then my dreams […]

Poem: The Hummingbird – 25/02/20

The hummingbird buzzes quietly, She is home at last, Without the combative competitive bees Whispering in her ears Deafening her as closer and closer they come Because she is set to feed and sudden aggression Comes over her As she desires the delicious dining within the precious feeder She needs She requires She must collect […]

Poem: Geraniums – 24/02/20

I glance at the geraniums, It seems they glance sideways at me. Some are happy, bubbly, cheery, And others, they carry a known disease, Of negativity among the cheer, The mirth, The banter, The geraniums are not completely innocent, No, some were willing to barter.   Some have exchanged their good looks for power, The […]

Poem: Mermaid – 23/02/20

Searching, seeking, waiting, As though pressed against a boulder by the shore, Awaiting a mere glimpse of a mermaid, Even a speckle of her tail, To prove her reality, that she truly exists. This mermaid shall not, Cannot be a myth.   Waiting, Quietly tempted by the rolling water, Gentle yet unique in its miniature […]

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