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Thank you for taking some time out to visit my poetic corner of the world.

I’m Lauren M. Hancock.

I love expressing myself through poetry, which is why I’ve dedicated my website to this art form, moving forward from the former Alice Well Art content I used to post.

Please view my poetry or earlier works, read a little more about me as a writer and artist, view my sample artworks, or read about my book of illustrated short stories.

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Poem: Seek – 16/10/21

The territory is brave,
I watch the illustrious gloom
bloom in its cave,
a cavern of intent,
through darkness,
plain to see,
motives growing as
we both live and breathe.

What was meant for
this cause?
Shall I ponder deeply,
for longer,
as I struggle through doors,
of questions, no answers,
each pathway needs
a potential ending which
I shall never see. […]

Poem: Serenity – 14/10/21

Serenity is all around,
waiting to be discovered,
happened upon, found,
mesmerising is the state
when I reach it,
enveloping me
as of late.

The beauty and wonder
are present within me,
I glance within,
watch my being flower,
I’ve not known this
peace before,
what an ultimate surrender. […]

Poem: An Abstract – 12/10/21

Salient thoughts
dangle from a thread.
Sporadic, intermittent moments recalled,
none I dread.
I recount,
with a sparkle in my eye,
the times I was
humoured, admired,
and now I realise
I didn’t need any of it –
I am empowered. […]

Poem: Springing Forth – 10/10/21

I feel a sense of hope,
of positivity and
I need not want
for anything
because happiness,
I already have it,
it’s that glimmer of
ostentatious gold
which drips with
wanton thread,
grasping my eyes with its beauty,
wonder to the skies to be had. […]

Poem: Coagulate – 08/10/21

Circumstances coagulate
like thickened blood,
platelets mingling
when their conjoining is
their undoing,
iron-rich and ready,
their presence tells a story,
ultimately though, thin as water,
a miserable plaintive memory.
Nothing to recall,
none to happily recount,
for useless endings
are visible
from those once so-devout. […]

Poem: Perhaps I’ll Change – 06/10/21

I’d change
for the better,
like I know I should.
Glancing into a reflection,
puddle, stigmatised mud,
when shall I continue
truthfully and good?
I know,
as I stare at myself
that changes are to
occur more often
than not,
but how hard
will it be
for us to move forward
if certain thoughts
cannot be wrought,
or refashioned –
I’d rather not.

Poem: Ignoring the Noises – 04/10/21

Ignoring the noises all around isn’t so difficult
when you pair yourself with courage,
join with action,
intensify intelligence,
tell yourself that people who whistle and wheeze
with their insulting methods are just a useless blustering breeze,
worth nothing such words are,
I watch them flow from afar, […]

Poem: Tepid – 01/10/21

I remember when life was tepid, unenthusiastic,
carried little warmth,
I remember being feeling disconnected
from the world in and of itself,
that I was a victim of many circumstances,
not one,
that others were targeting me,
I was unlucky or such or some,
I remember feeling different,
that I was never accepted that much,
never right,
never really enough. […]

Poem: Living in the Moment – 29/09/21

To truly live in the moment,
to take stock and simply breathe,
enrich yourself in the present,
feeling, being, see,
understanding that being in the current,
the here and now,
to appreciate,
that which is all around us,
enough to encapsulate ourselves as of late. […]

Poem: Healing as One – 26/09/21

Speaking my truths,
remaining adamant, but no longer nail and tooth,
calm and personable,
gone are those moods, deplorable,
able to deal with behaviours that are not necessarily toward,
becoming more knowing each moment,
calamities? No more, no more. […]

Prose: Strong – 24/09/21

Sometimes we need to step back and take scope of what will work for us and won’t.What boundaries we need to set, what levels can be achieved, what is ‘yes’ for us, and ‘no, just don’t’.I guess it comes with being older, and stronger and more confident in oneself, because in years past, we may […]


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  1. A beautiful poem, exploring the mystery, simplicity, and complexity of being a human being on this planet. Full of emotion…

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