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Hi there! Thank you for taking some time out to visit. I’m Lauren M. Hancock. I love writing poetry and this is why I’ve decided to dedicate my page to this genre, and move on from the Alice Well Art page this originally was. I hope to reach you with my words, and hope you return soon.

Feel free to navigate around my site: read poetry or stories, view sample artworks, read a little more about me as an artist, or get in contact with me.

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Poem: Never to Return – 22/01/20

She ran though my dreams last night, footsteps slightly off kilter, her gown dragging with the airs of freshly bought freedom, I smile to myself, she is precious. She is fleeing but that won’t stop them.   The twisted cavalry usually searches for cadavers lying on the cold morgue’s tongues, a desire to appear as […]

Poem: The Yew Tree – 21/01/20

A distinguished yew tree silently stands before me, speaking of regeneration and rebirth and all that is everlasting, within my heart it resides, while monumental, it is a temporary fixture, nonetheless an awe-inspiring picture.   Who planted this reminder for me, to never give up? A sign that, during times of impassioned illness and ill […]

Poem: Crossed Lines – 21/01/20

Depression hits my aura like a stoning I crumble beneath the view fetal-like shell-shocked I’m trying but my best is never good enough seemingly humoured toward the end.   Your life is different to mine, and while I am thankful for some memories I want to curl tighter and tighter, keep you away I’d be […]

Poem: From Wept Parchment to Wonder – 19/01/20

I am exhausted. Tired of the crowd’s prying eyes when all I’m doing is wallowing and huddling. I want nothing more than this sharp oversensitiveness of my skin to stop this crawling feeling, because I can feel the touches, the curious fingertips dragging, on the skin of a woman made of parchment who bears her […]

Poem: A Loyal Sun, a Faithful Man – 19/01/20

Hey, let us not be so hasty, let us not be so rash. Instead, let us flow with the sun and the wind entwined as one, woven with thrice strands, a plaiting of joyous warmth, breeze, and cheer neatly entangled by a pair of deft, invisible hands.       I admire the sun for the […]

Poem: The Heavy Bass – 18/01/20

I feel the beat within my veins, Vibrations, thrown off syncopation, They pull me from edge to edge, Paper thin and treacherous they betray the solid beats, An insistence of one-two-three-four, Heavy pounding, bass throbbing.   Then, the lyrics, Divine, Singing of being unbreakable, Is that what we are? Are we made of such strength […]

Poem: A Morning Song – 18/01/20

I am inspired by experience, because that’s the richness that I have, using my moments as potent fuel, a propellant, on the fire of dry bracken and chopped wood. Steady cracking ensues, and I can feel the force of heat throwing me back.   Sometimes, some may feel burned by the stinging insults aimed toward […]

Poem: Underneath the Bridge – 17/01/20

Underneath a bridge is where we huddle during fine misted mornings that swell with particles of fresh oxygen and unlisted chemicals, the conglomerate joins in a state of irony, of helpful and harmful.   They are united as one with drawbacks and expulsions, in and out, the clouded fog permeates and breathes, enveloping our heads […]

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