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Thank you for taking some time out to visit my poetic corner of the world.

I’m Lauren M. Hancock.

I love expressing myself through poetry, which is why I’ve dedicated my website to this art form, moving forward from the former Alice Well Art content I used to post.

Please view my poetry or earlier works, read a little more about me as a writer and artist, view my sample artworks, or read about my book of illustrated short stories.

“Our Whimsical World: Illustrated Stories”, debut book available.

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Poem: Glow – 04/08/20

Glowing, an inner shine, an expression of iridescence, skin glimmers with sparkles which fly.   Within I feel this glow, this feverish warmth of mine, within I experience this flushed state, it is magic, so utterly divine.   My heart blossoms in my chest, it is blooming, an unravelling rose which calls to the world […]

Poem: Overwhelm – 03/08/20

I wish I could write of beauty and wonder, and perfection, if it existed, but I don’t believe I have it within me, my words come out as harsh and grating.   Instead, my confessionals are here to behold, laid out upon the table, endless pages scattered, ink haphazardly scrawled.   Some stains are crimson, […]

Poem: Psychosis – 02/08/20

I don’t remember precisely what it feels like because when one is psychotic, a patient can be so utterly unwell. But I will attempt, I will try to recall, for the sake of this exercise I will do my best to delve and reveal all.   What I do know is the creative juices flow, […]

Poem: The Working Week – 01/08/20

Monday draaags himself in, he doesn’t want to be here, other Mondays wave from behind stern mugs of coffee, they also don’t wish to be here. Sunday and Saturday had the time of their lives the previous days, they celebrated and socialised in a manner that really was purely wholehearted in so many ways.   […]

Poem: The Doctor – 01/08/20

The doctor gestures me in towards his consulting room, and I, I am like a tentative child who is out of place in this foreign world.   For I have not seen this doctor before, why, I cannot even recall, let alone pronounce his complicated name, I had fronted to the desk claiming I had […]

Poem: You Can’t Be Here – 31/07/20

You can’t be here, she tells me, her mocking voice, her stuck out tongue. Yeah, you can’t be here! another girl joins in, you’re not wanted here, won’t you learn?   My eyes become downcast, I shuffle away, my upper back curved, I want to shrink, disappear, I’ll let them have the final say.   […]

Poem: Lovesick – 30/07/20

Lovesick… he yearns for you, he apparently cannot live without you.   Darling, can’t you tell, won’t you comprehend, he much he needs you? This is not a truth which can be bent.   But, my sweetheart, why does he need you? Where is he calling from – low, high, the hay, but my precious, […]

Poem: Relocation – 30/07/20

Sometimes it’s positive to relocate, a subtle change of scene, a change of pace, being stagnant, stuck in the same room, same world for so long, it can drive me around the bend, four walls enclosing on me because   they can do so with the slipperiest of ease, despite my view from above, the […]

Poem: Fumbling Fawn – 28/07/20

I am struggling to rise to my little hooves, I am failing to grasp hold of balance, I am calling, calling, for this ability to visit me, the skill to be mobile, to be free.   For so long, I’ve been unable to properly walk and stride, how problematic for a soul for whom the […]

Poem: Already Departed – 27/07/20

I am sick to death of this draining, this haunted state of false reverie where I’m lulled into a state of dumbfound and airiness, because the flow, it has ceased, as I know it to be.   Beautiful melodies once soared from my throat, from my lips, blustering blight, I’m not at all pardoned, from […]

Poem: Flawless? – 27/07/20

Flawless, how can I feel flawless when beneath the spotted mirror my reflection barely lurks? Flawless, how can I feel perfect when my heart is blotchy like Grandma’s inky, moody pearls?   A broken smile, a set of hounded eyes reflect back at me, finding a perfect circumstance? Tell me this: does perfection truly exist? […]


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