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I’m Lauren M. Hancock.

I love expressing myself through poetry, which is why I’ve dedicated my website to this art form, moving forward from the former Alice Well Art content I used to post.

Please view my poetry or earlier works, read a little more about me as a writer and artist, view my sample artworks, or read about my book of illustrated short stories.

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Poem: Neither High Nor Low – 27/09/20

Neither high nor low this time.
Simply existing as I lie here,
my mind blank,
strangely it is not a feeling that perturbs
or is out of place.

It’s just that the noise has stopped,
the odd chatter that weaved in and out
through my mind as though as slithering snake
has calmed itself […]

Prose: Chirping Crickets – 26/09/20

Male crickets chirp, signalling their romantic calamity. They know what they are seeking, whom they are aiming to have come into their world. But crickets; crickets, crickets, don’t we downplay their communication, a meaning of nothingness following a comment meant to be poignant or profound.

I used to love crickets as a child. I would hunt them for hours on end, following the sounds […]

Poem: Better – 25/09/20

The rain pitter-patters against the window
reminding me of the melancholy I used to feel,
but now I am developing myself,
I am fusing myself together,
redetermining self-worth.

I need not chase the opinions high nor low
of yonder words to come,
need not seek the approval of critical strangers,
or unkind people who I’m not close with,
why, shouldn’t they matter […]

Poem: In-Between – 24/09/20

My land of In-Between is glorious,
that space which cannot be defined,
can’t be plotted,
accurately located,
yet it houses my wealth of memories,
my heartfelt song,
prose, poetry,
the magic of my inner layers
which are only conducive to goodness,
and moral wealth.

Imagine a cloud-speckled sky,
with Sun gently winking,
mischievousness in her eyes, […]

Poem: The Good Fight – 23/09/20

You have it within you.
The ability to push through,
with determination,
with resolve,
with power,
without the assistance of another.

You can do it, brother, sister,
you can achieve these goals.
You can achieve your goals,
even with extenuating circumstances,
don’t you know?

Though sadness, lack of […]

Poem: Effervescent Eyes – 22/09/20

We’re walking through the streets,
hand in hand we stop to take a sip of our drinks,
we have so much to share,
so much happiness to spread,
we’re like deviants of the light,
spreading joy with all our might.

Trailing behind are the remnants of ill feeling,
we’d cast them aside long before,
the lingering feeling of discontentment is still present, […]

Poem: An Awakening – 21/09/20

The ambient music is comforting,
soothing unto my soul,
it makes me rise along with it,
and when the melody sinks with satisfaction,
my heartbeat ebbs,
it flows.

I relish these special times I have
to appreciate the music in my abode,
where I am left quietly,
to myself. […]

Poem: Mediating My Life – 20/09/20

Rosemary oil swiped either side of the doorway,
and below the walkway, where I will enter into my abode.
Rosemary oil, so glorious is the scent,
wiped below the lip of my desk,
to harness, caress, relax.

I am embracing the softer side of life,
holistic. […]

Prose: Seeking Happiness – 20/09/20

The differences between us could be enormous. Life experiences, personal beliefs, ways of going about things. I guess the one we mostly have in common is a desire to be happy. Happiness can manifest itself in many ways from many things, but I’m not interested in seeking it through the materialistic. I’m interested in the personal and interpersonal. We can exist alone but who would we be without companionship, friendships, emotional ties, relatability? […]

Prose: The Path of Self-Acceptance – 19/09/20

I lay my head softly to rest. It is morning, but I have been awake since eleven in the eve. I don’t toss and turn like some do when their mind is at unease, but I feel the dismay within. Or it may in fact be vehement, it may be sorry, it may be “How did I find myself in this circumstance?”, my life begs of me, tells me there’s other ways to go, and I wish I were strong enough right now to explore those paths, to find a different way for myself.
Change appears to be […]

Poem: Beautiful Tragedy – 18/09/20

Our love was a beautiful tragedy,
we flourished from the taste
of its existence,
the way we reacted and acted was
like that of a giggling pair of youths.

But we lacked maturity,
good times could not only be the
ones had,
falling into his eyes,
his hurt,
what did it truly mean?
Listening to tales,
the opening up of […]

Poem: Your Tower – 17/09/20

Lost connections,
fallen by the wayside,
the electricity which surged,
now plundered of pride,
hypocrisy seems glimmering
at the door,
I wonder what was intended,
and were the relationships meant to be more?

Tainted by disconnect,
lacking in joinery and glue,
once so potent,
alienated – by choice?
Is this truth? […]


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