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Hi there! Thank you for taking some time out to visit. I’m Lauren M. Hancock. I love writing poetry and this is why I’ve decided to dedicate my page to this genre, and move on from the Alice Well Art page this originally was. I hope to reach you with my words, and hope you return soon.

Feel free to navigate around my site: read poetry or stories, view sample artworks, read a little more about me as an artist, or get in contact with me.

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Poem: Unease – 20/02/20

The feeling I get when attending is one of great unease. I have not been here for long, but my heart pitter-patters, fluttering in the breeze.   Why am I so nervous? I used to attend and be present many, many times, a feeling of stupendous awakening? I’m unsure of this, though I’ll be brave […]

Poem: Drifting – 19/02/20

I float above the surface, Like a piece of driftwood, an otter, a daring platypus, I rise to the challenge, God, you know I’m here listening for you like I should.   I’ve risen to the moment, Where I can drift along the water, Towards the shore, Certain in myself that this path I’m undertaking […]

Poem: Scent by the Hearth – 19/02/20

I remember the scent by the hearth, where you and I laid that night. The sweet oil of ylang ylang permeating, Heavenly, unique.   My heart, it beat wildly from your touch, there was nothing I wanted more, and as our feet entwined by flickering flames encased only by metal and heated glass, I wonder […]

Poem: Cigarette Clouds and Pine Leaves – 18/02/20

The surrounding scent of pine leaves invades my sensitive nostrils, Since quitting smoking I have been able to discern more, And my taste buds, they are rearing, They sing for attention, These senses, They are heightened.   No more dulling from the poisons within those death sticks, A retraction of the chemical clouds which Weighted […]

Poem: Treasures of Time – 18/02/20

I treasure them like a baby treasures his first blankie, I hold them close and stroke them gently, calmly, lovingly.   I understand that we may not remain together always, that soon I will be too overgrown to walk with them in public, that I must instead shy away from their presence and observe them […]

Poem: Insomniac – 18/02/20

The second hand ticks, each click like the repeated trigger of a pistol, fearful, I lie in wait, as it speaks of how affected I will be if I remain in this involuntary state.   I’ve barely slept in days, awakening hours always the same, middle of the morning, the arms at those memorable angles, […]

Poetry: Stability – 17/02/20

I once had a metaphorical finger waggled in front of my face: “I know what you want.” “Stability,” I blurted out.   I needed to feel settled, I needed to feel wanted, I needed to feel, well, loved. I had been on a trek through life trying to find the right one – is there […]

Poem: Sensing – 16/02/20

Like worms in the ground we can slide through life blindly, only sensing, never seeing what’s right before us. And as though it’s magic, our touch and sense of smell are heightened, guiding us through the rough, the damp welcoming soil.   Like the understanding that somehow we must place our trust in that which […]

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