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Thank you for taking some time out to visit my poetic corner of the world.

I’m Lauren M. Hancock.

I love expressing myself through poetry, which is why I’ve dedicated my website to this art form, moving forward from the former Alice Well Art content I used to post.

Please view my poetry or earlier works, read a little more about me as a writer and artist, view my sample artworks, or read about my book of illustrated short stories.

“Our Whimsical World: Illustrated Stories”, debut book available.

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Spoken Word Poetry Collaboration: Implore – by Navin Manik and Lauren M. Hancock – 29/11/21

Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to work with my dear friend, Navin Manik of Navin’s Poetry to write and record together a piece together. Please visit his site for his amazing spoken word and poetry. There you will find soulful, striking, deep words from his very soul recorded, performed and shared.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our poetry project, Implore.

Spoken Word and Poem: over – 28/11/21

excited parallel universe
where our motives selfishly meant
were never truly met
but in our beings we felt
those irrevocable dents start to mend
or were they beginning to spread?
hard to decipher, the sensations felt

young crushes soft passions
gentle touches
flushed complexions
rough grabs forced giggles
becoming something I didn’t want to acknowledge
to please to be to allow him to feel to see “me” being
right for him

Poem: Wisdom Gleaned (09/10/21) – 28/11/21

Author’s note:
Sometimes I like to look back at my drafts and see what was on my mind months prior, and how I constructed these realities into rhymes and words to soothe myself, express anger, frustration, upsets, or some such. This piece I feel still has some of these truths ringing in my current reality. Hence, I thought I would share it with you here today.

Poem: the owls – 27/11/21

the owls, the owlsthey tiptoe along the wiresharing songs and stories,eons of lifetimes togetherfervent hoots and warblesaltogetherimpressive wingspans as they envelopthe biting morning air together hush down little preyscatter as you mayall words, no prey, no victimsbut treated with such tendernessowls caress the vowels and syllableswithout damnationwith much great proofof ultimate, irreverentatypical swayyythrough and through […]

Poem: jawbreaker – 26/11/21

taken apart with blade and box gloves
reshaped rewired
rehoused rehomed
re re re,
remove that disgusting request
from my sweet skin
I cannot bear the crawling sensation
of expectation and desire
rule over me like a beckoning hungry fire […]

Poem: finally – 26/11/21

bounce baby
let me rise with thee
there was only one path for us
and that’s true destiny

we are anything but circumstance
we are everything wild and planned
we are perfection hand in hand
and scan my heart
to find the true lands […]

Poem: true fool – 24/11/21

from the depths of my soul
from the gateways of my being
I shudder with anger
distilling through me
its not purely the behaviour which perturbs
it’s the repeat offending I know will remain present and untoward
some will never change
this I hold true
pity me for believing
I am a true fool.
Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.

Poem: a gentler star – 23/11/21

this deceptive intent
I’ve known you from before and really, well,
the efforts aren’t well spent
for I can see through the cage-work
the fingers prised through the wired gaps
trying to get through
through to my heart
when I’ve made it whole from pieces –
a work of fastidious art […]

artwork: quiet chaos – 22/11/21

Sometimes I’m in a mood to fly colour all around on the page. No rhythm, no rhyme about it. Just the process I find relaxing and enriching. At the end it’s nice to see how the colours meld with each other, whether it’s subtle, fluid, or not at all. I find it a little like active meditation making this type of art.


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