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Hi there! Thank you for taking some time out to visit. I’m Lauren M. Hancock. I love writing poetry and this is why I’ve decided to dedicate my page to this genre, and move on from the Alice Well Art page this originally was. I hope to reach you with my words, and hope you return soon.

Feel free to navigate around my site: read poetry or stories, view sample artworks, read a little more about me as an artist, or get in contact with me.

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Poem: Beneath the Surface – 24/05/20

On the surface of a scarlet lake are dreams and nightmares cast aside, laid to waste. None have the desire to peruse or recollect, the enmity of these experiences, why, no one wants to look back.   The moments of the night wander in a shimmer, upon a crystalline surface, like oil mixed with water, […]

Poem: An Embrace After Tea – 23/05/20

Warm sentiments expressed, heartfelt touches extended, the joy within almost palpable, understanding we are blessed.   The other sits opposite, a smile within their eyes, warm glints to be absorbed, and I wonder, is this what I’ve been searching for in my life?   A nuance here and there, in softly spoken words, uttered in […]

Poem: Angels – 22/05/20

Angels come and angels go but they’re always watching down upon us.   They carefully observe, they take care of us, ever present, although distance may be a factor.   Their wings caress, though invisible they may be to the naked human eye they are there, and the angels’ hearts for us, beat freely.   […]

Poem: From My Pen – 20/05/20

The brightness of the page, glaring in my eyes, a plain lined sheet, a hopeful scene, a winking extreme.   The sun shines down, beats down its warm caress, my pen drags along heated paper, pen from pen to pen.   The etchings are made, the heavy handedness of my lyrics are forthcoming, and I […]

Prose Poetry: The Deep Azure – 18/05/20

The bright blue twinkles before me, the waves curl and roll with such pristine splendour. I prepare myself for the swell: my tiptoes dangle above the lapping at the shore, and I smile, I smile so widely that I want more, so much more, of the cooling caress which grips my extremities like refreshing, watered […]

Poem: A Young Girl’s Whims – 16/05/20

She walks a path undiscovered, at least until now, where peonies and sunflowers and daffodils all happily and prettily grow in rows.   Her eyes take in the sights, famished of beauty they had become, but now greedily they feast upon the beauty right before them.   She smiles quietly, succinctly, as though she holds […]

Poem: A Gift – 12/05/20

A gift from me to you, I dotingly extend, the ability to treasure  what’s within your hands.   The foreign heart you so clutch, delicately, with great trust, which you have been entrusted to care for with strength and deep love.   Who are you caressing with the clutched palms together? I cannot tell, perhaps […]

Poem: Progression – 10/05/20

A lady of goodness smiles upon me, wishing me so well, the nature of her desire for me to flourish causes warmth to flush my body, to flow through my being, will I succeed? Only time will be able to tell.   It is as though I have been granted a reprieve, a chance to […]


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