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Thank you for taking some time out to visit my poetic corner of the world.

I’m Lauren M. Hancock.

I love expressing myself through poetry, which is why I’ve dedicated my website to this art form, moving forward from the former Alice Well Art content I used to post.

Please view my poetry or earlier works, read a little more about me as a writer and artist, view my sample artworks, or read about my book of illustrated short stories.

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Poem: A Discomforting Perusal – 22/01/21

They can make me out to feel unworthy,
some hold judgments, quiet grievances,
I can read it within their body language,
their subtle nuances.

They know me not from a piece of fruit,
a bar of soap,
a bough among many,
thus why throw upon me offence when I am here
to spend my precious pennies? […]

Poem: A Distant Memory – 18/01/21

Dream out loud,
whispers soft and true,
eyes paled in comparison,
a certain IOU.

Yowling at the outside,
come within open arms,
burrowing into the times,
these times,
some don’t need to employ any charms.

You can exist and impart wisdom
in the surest ways you know how,
a sparkle, a glimmer,
wipe away the traces of sinners, […]

Poem: Solitude – 18/01/21

Sometimes the solitude in my mind becomes too much.
It runs circles around and around itself,
for air, it will soon gasp.
Because the opening, the gaping of the truest arms
is something too available,
for something unasked.

Little nuances here and there,
bad habits being acknowledged,
must be aware,
for because how can […]]

Poem: Once Tales to Tell – 17/01/21

Written by myself, there were once great tales to tell,
now my tongue falls flat and limp,
it will not, I will not speak.

Sharing out of turn can be most expensive,
not financially but morally,
how do we strip the obligation from our hands,
cleanse our palms,
something wise and sent,
perfection slightly the same and honest?

Poem: Brightness – 17/01/21

Brightness engulfs that wicked room
where tales were never shared.
Where fears, anxiety,
irreverently unfold within the gloom,
resting concerns upon one’s hands.

There is a quietness which is perturbed
by the stately arrival of glaring white
and unnatural upheaval,
a certain something,
a funk, a stink,
which would bring one to their knees,
into the darkest of thickets,
the tangled thorns, the trees, the thistles.

Poem: Wheel of Stars – 13/01/21

The Wheel of Stars seems never to slow,
blossoms bothered, scattered their presence grows,
the eternity which awaits,
turns and turns of fate,
reading the images before my eyes,
positive or negative fortunes accumulate.

Midnight sky blotted with stars and shine,
this road, the path ahead,
it is all mine, […]

Poem: Imagine – 08/01/21

Imagine a world where there was no rough,
no deception,
no lies,
where words from saints,
not sinners were more than enough.

Where the angels dance upon clouds so light
that I can barely control my immense delight,
imagine a world where brightness is assured,
we glow, […]

Poem: The Girl in the Red Dress – 07/01/21

Glaring, inquiring eyes
inspecting through shopfront windows,
what is it you seek?
The girl in the crimson dress with white seams,
is it she you are trying to find,
do you desire her to speak?

On edge,
percolated by excess caffeine,
anxiety rising,
scenes perhaps more than what they seem,
to her, everything seems suspicious,
laden with layers of notions and commotions
and terribly haunting dreams. […]

Poem: Fields of Colour – 02/01/21

Ink and colours swirl and fly,
admirably they meld into the other,
watch our joy multiply.
There’s not a moment too soon
when we can reach into the stars,
colours, outlines, so fantastical,
we can hardly believe them ours.

I know that these hues and shades
might not be here forever,
but I appreciate and accept,
allow them to provide my eyes pleasure
and favour while I introspect,

I know not their meanings to you, […]

Poem: Denounced – 01/01/21

Not right, not right, not right.
Matchmaking is more than a plight,
I shall denounce the insolence with a single breath
into the dead of night.

Who minds that only I am the one who breathes,
flames flicker by my outstretched hands,
extended sleeves,
I shall not learn what it means to flee.

Poem: Delicate – 01/01/21

Perhaps some are meant to be
apart for a while,
to allow distance and the ability for
truth to no longer be real.

Imagination reigns without truth,
what is that person seeing, feeling,
what will they do,
thoughts of them, I should really be
immensely and measurably through.

Delicate interventions,
reaching out in a moment,
wondering is no longer wondering
because now there’s an […]

Poem: Letting It Go – 29/12/20

Let us ride the waves of misery
but away, away from the blight,
allow us to shine with the knowledge of
that mystery,
as we approach each other in the dead of night.

And let us have that embrace
which has been awaiting us for oh so many years,
let me feel that heartbeat of yours
and detract from all my old fears.

Please let me wash away the hurt
that I feel within my soul,
let it rain, let it rain,
and rinse away the suffering, […]


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