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Thank you for taking some time out to visit my poetic corner of the world.

I’m Lauren M. Hancock.

I love expressing myself through poetry, which is why I’ve dedicated my website to this art form, moving forward from the former Alice Well Art content I used to post.

Please view my poetry or earlier works, read a little more about me as a writer and artist, view my sample artworks, or read about my book of illustrated short stories.

“Our Whimsical World: Illustrated Stories”, debut book available.

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poem: breath of the wild – 14/05/22

breath of the wildintuitive is the meansin which life should be ledupheaval can distend tightened seamsand there is a certain understandingthat change can’t displaceone’s destinybut time, oh, my innocence,will neither aggravate nor alterFate’s true intensity. bulging at the middlea curious heapin the middle there’s an achingsomething wants to be seenit’s the beginnings of eye-watering trutha […]

poem: envious ivy – 06/05/22

Envious ivy trails round rotten doors, entranceways metamorphic shapeshifting then reality restored, what lies behind the reckoning of Time, a conundrum, in fact, sheer scope, Divine. What cause cataclysmic chasms to collide, immediately doubling or tripling in size? Gargantuan are these sinkholes, blackholes laid in store as winding ivy bends and twists, collectively, more. Soon […]

poem: rainbow tears

rainbow tears stream from crystal eyesthe making, the madness,of where I’m wonderful and wisethen empty and sad these colours are thus greybut rainbow tears of happiness can still linger for another day.  the different moods, different faces which spring forth from withinI now embrace them I welcome themI allow them to be seen because it is in moments of darknessof dejection […]

poem: decisions – 29/04/22

There are traits within that I pursueto make better or more settled to correct myself anew to advance forth, to speak a humbling truth,to start a path, or reach for one which I’d already made new. Should I travel in a manner that is safer, in a way?Or take the chance to work hard at what I have maybe been […]

poem: darkness entwined – 20/04/22

I can’t be bright, I can’t be calm, I want to write darkness into their arms, the lovers’ capacity are shadowed in depth, their fates, true strengths will be met. In the witching hour their magic’s so bright, Moon sprays light into their night and the raven caws deep rumble, sharp, hard, one would never […]

poem: by the beach – 11/04/22

sandboxes bright upon the beach
giggling, smiles, familial scenes,
couples, weft hands,
bended knee, man before woman,
licking waves and swells,
water laps around exposed ankles
cooling, relaxing, please;
heart-warming need,

poem: pink dress – 06/04/22

Conspiring melodies,
tongue-in-cheek parodies,
beginning to recall memories,
shove them down,
place myself at ease.

Jilted rhythms,
a sonata heaves and breathes,
escaping the melancholy,
Dear, there seems no end to these.

poem: healing has a language – 04/04/22

Healing has a language,
I whisper softly,
airily it knows,
of the simplicity
and the duality
of wondrous beauty,
poetry and prose,
the writers and the poets
swing each way in kind,
whimsical deciduous trees
sway our way,
whispering in turn,
and slightly, just slightly
out of time.

poem: falling, falling – 03/04/22

Prompts used: Dearest Heart, I’m falling apart My soul burns Forlorn flames Title: falling, fallingby Lauren M. Hancock My dearest heart I amfallingapartI turn and burn,my soul is engulfed by thewandering cruel actions,my soul, it speaks, it shrieks,my spirit rises forth away from the gloomI fall apartfloating, into pieces,ashes fly high and away,my darling heart […]

Poem: I see you – Autism Awareness Day – 03/04/22

This poem was for a prompt for World Autism Awareness Day. This is dedicated to my fellow Melbourne creative friend Braeden Kennedy who can be found on Instagram @bak_doodlin_away and @bak_animations . Title: I See Youby Lauren M. Hancock I saw You and understood your spiritbefore I knew of your ‘Able’ and ‘Label’in fact, I’d never even perceivedyour […]


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