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I’m Lauren M. Hancock.

I love expressing myself through poetry, which is why I’ve dedicated my website to this art form, moving forward from the former Alice Well Art content I used to post.

Please view my poetry or earlier works, read a little more about me as a writer and artist, view my sample artworks, or read about my book of illustrated short stories.

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Poem: Change – 24/11/20

The times are changing, my dear friends,
my heart is no longer in tatters,
I don’t need to make amends,
I have said what I’ve said,
and in rebuke another spoke their own words,
allow us to simply remain separate and ponder,
there’s no longer any need to hiss nor attend
any longer.

There is so much time but so little in fact, […]

Poem: The Butterfly – 19/11/20

The butterfly, with her wings so wide,
carries no weight of the world upon her mind.
She is here for but the blink of a moment,
her beauty is there, she shows it,
and within our hearts,
we observe her growing love for her wandering times. 

She does not know the shortness of her lifespan,
maybe she does and does not show it to us, […]

Poem: Spells – (The Last) – 17/11/20

My words became spells again,
my words they wove their magic,
the images proved so sincere,
yet tired they became,
the end:
so tragic.

I sewed the moments one by one,
delved in and out the topics,
recreated potency handful by handful,
the result:
confusions of moments.

The truth of the matter is […]

Poem: The Fields – 14/11/20

I wander,
the fields are blooming with colour,
they’re illustrious, I’ve heard of them from afar,
they have been calling from yonder.

Their brightness is healing,
I feel their hues trickle into my soul,
my spirit enlivens,
there are some things I don’t need
to tell. […]

Poem: Toward – 12/11/20

Another chapter,
yet one and the same?
Different rules, different circumstances,
differing frames.

It feels odd to walk a path
in an alternate manner,
I’m here and now,
watch me flower.

The sadness is gone,
but confusion can reign,
I will not allow it,
I hear someone cautiously […]

Poem: Bright Stars – 07/11/20

Bright stars shine in my eyes,
I soak them in like they’re available to take for all mine,
to pluck at them and stow away into my hidden spaces,
into the cracks and tears that have been left by the decisions
that I thought wouldn’t result in this,
where time is the only cure.

I’ve never been here before,
beneath this sea of sparkle that
encompasses and revolutionises
my mind and memories, […]

Poem: It Enlivens Me – 05/11/20

The colours brighten me,
they take over my soul,
they enliven,
they heighten,
they create a somewhat free-for-all.

In my heart, which I’ll tame one day,
when it is the time to blatantly shine,
I caress memories and emotions borne of
still-bated breath,
I know they’ll surface soon, […]

Poem: Confusion – 04/11/20

There’s no confusion in the motions,
they’re deft and sure and clean,
but there’s confusion in the aftermath,
I don’t want to be seen as someone
I shouldn’t be.

There’s power in the words,
the murmured tones
from up above,
there’s something lingering there, you know, […]

Poem: The Stage – 03/11/20

There’s no need to rant and rave,
to set fire to the stage,
the show’s come knocking
it’s time to perform,
ill feelings really should be tamed.

There’s misinterpretation in the scenes,
certain explanations seemingly misheard or unseen,
and the power in the moments is not
the spat venom nor poison,
but the future mellowing, […]

Poem: Into Account – 31/10/20

Should I take into account
the other side,
the viewpoint of another whom I cannot
wholly share their tides?

The rolling waves they experience are
tender to see,
to feel,
but I cannot allow myself to be affected overnight,
into the early morning, disrupted sleep still.
Their thoughts are on my […]

Poem: Always – 28/10/20

Rolling away those pains,
I can sense them there,
making me rigid,
making me aware.

They cause such shudders,
unwanted power,
overriding me,
making me suffer.

But I can sense the beauty ahead lingering,
emotions to encompass,
overwhelming feelings,
the ability to have sorted, […]

Poem: Gasp – 26/10/20

I gasp.
It wasn’t expected,
to see this sight today.
But then, I smile,
because in a way,
I have been quietly asked to let go of personal dismay.

I’ve set my sights on improvement,
within my life I’m going to change,
and I’ve already made self-alterations,
I can view them on the page. […]


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