Poem: Welcome – 24/10/21

I await the moment when we will meet,
eyes mixed with perplexity and curiosity,
unsure of what to expect, or what will be said,
but a connection, there will be, and not only
in my head.

I will smile at you, shyly,
you will beam with ease,
making it easier for me to approach,
or you to draw closer, indeed I will know,
as will you,
that this moment is pivotal,
something refreshing, anew.

In our lives, we will welcome
laughter and delight
and everything great that I could fathom,
there’s something important that comes
with realising the truth,
knowing what will come,
and dreaming is what I shall do.

I will welcome you and this moment,
whenever it is right,
my walls are already lowered,
I am not complicating life,
there is no circumstance anymore that will
stop our meeting day,
listen to me, softly, World,
the time seems almost right –
this I will say.
Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.

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