Poem: divine gratitude – 07/12/21

my feet are firmly planted
and I’m no longer here yearning, asking
why, why not have I?
while others seem so preciously pleased
and at ease
and, amazing now, I am one of these.

these people, one of many I am
I search my pockets for a clue
a hand-jotted note
a materialistic reminder that I
am here
and I don’t need to wonder
wandering around lost and confused
wailing, trailing the heels of others
for a reverent decision

a ringing precious sound
no, the energy force,
wonderment source
is here and now,
it’s here in my present,
and, I know, I know that this
peaceful surety is something to treasure
because it’s come at a great cost —
the loss of my past armour,
for I do not need it,
nowadays, I am far, far stronger.

Bring on Life, Love, bedazzled with
our amazingly heartfelt stars.

Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by il vano on Unsplash

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Lauren M. HAncock Poetry and Prose
instagram: laurenm.hancock


  1. “nowadays, I am far, far stronger”…”Feet firmly planted…”….profound lines…you’re seeing yourself from the eyes of your soul…the pure light…the true being 💫

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