Story example: Wormy the Poltergeist – 13/07/19

Wormy was such a happy little poltergeist.

(c) by Alice Well (LMH)

Wormy the Poltergeist was such a joyous being. All day long he’d smile, sing, and jive away. He was from the family known as the Electrodes, they habituated down a path known as Lane Down Cove. 

Here there were many from their clan, brothers, sisters, cousins, women, children, man, and they coexisted in dutiful dignity, capturing their own delightful pleasures, from simply communicating joyously and politely with one another. 

The Moon, with his forlorn sidekick star, liked to look down upon the Electrodes, grinning from afar. How happy was he that this large family could live without turmoil or disaster, their thoughts, movements and words communicated so freely, slowly, rapidly, faster.

Then one day, disaster struck! An enormous worm, squirmed her way into Lane Down Cove to learn, to discover, to find for herself, the most tastiest of worm poltergeists, he or she would be her new satiated host. 

Upon selecting the liveliest, unfortunately it was poor Poltergeist, the enormous worm set to eat him for her tea. And struggle this way and struggle at that, Poltergeist wormed his way away, this way and that!

But he could not escape, he was too weak compared to she, the devilish worm who was set for dinner, the evil monstrosity! Then calling out could be heard, screams perpetuating fear, knowledge Poltergeist must be saved, his brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins rolled in to save the day. 

The enormous worm was regretful, but there was no time for that, in the flip of a coin, a lighting of the stove, the worm became dinner herself, how ironic was that.

By Alice Well (LMH) 

© 2019 Alice Well Art, Lauren M. Hancock, also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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