Poem: Intertwined – 02/10/19

 Keep me warm, keep me warm, his heart said to me
Hold me near, keep me close, his eyes spoke of his fears
Love me tender, love me true, his lips formed his precious request
Hold me near, love me more, never abandon,
Appreciate me the most, never less.
As his hand slipped into mine,
Intertwined fingers,
Yours and mine, he said with a smile.
Love me eternally, I’m always here for you,
Let us stay, let’s sit for a while.
My hand casually relaxed upon his chest,
Feeling his heart beating frantically,
Was this how my love made him feel?
Excitable, edgy, heightened, at its best?
A racing heart and a raging mind can cause devastating effects,
But he wasn’t of that type.
He was perfect and he was mine.
Instead I hold him,
Instead of him holding me,
I nurture him, I cherish him,
Convince him that I will not leave.

This I do so without words,
With a simple but gentle touch
Our hearts are intertwined like our fingers
Together we have become.

© 2019 Alice Well Art, Lauren M. Hancock also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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