Prose Poetry: Wrapped Like a Burrito – 25/10/19

 I love it when you make your bed around me, 
as though I’m a mini human burrito.

I adore being so silly in the kitchen for you
as I wriggle and wiggle,

showing my happy dance,
a humorous movement, slight grooves,

more laughter, if you please,
just a little, if you will.

I appreciate when you bring me cups of coffee and tea
and become slightly angered when you
forget about me and don’t,

But all’s fair in our little tiffs and wars,
Our hearts meld, that’s what matters most.
Allow us to go from strength to strength,
Taking on the challenges of the world.

Us two against whom?
None, there are none standing in our way,

Because we control our life’s climate,
Our weather,
Our potentials, we decide them.
We are but two constellations in the
sky known as the fabric
Of human life,

We burn brightly together and
linked in arms we are forever,
Our names will be written in our
version of the skies.
Our adoration for one another, while playful,
Can be seen in the quiet moments
where we say nothing at all,
There is no need to talk or touch.
A simple understanding that you are there for me,
And I for you,

And even in the most trying of times,
We will remain as tightly linked
Firmly held together with permanent glue.

© 2019 Alice Well Art, Lauren M. Hancock also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.  

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