Poem: Time’s Ticking – 05/11/19

 Time’s ticking, my friend,
where are you required most?
Time’s ticking; let’s go,
down the rabbit hole,
and around the bend.
Into the dark deep labyrinth
where we will fall among objects that have
quite spontaneously reappeared,
in the darkness we will swim
as we twist and turn around
again and again.
Where will this cavity take us?
Will it lead us into truth
and wisdom:
a land of beautiful views?
Or a world of impunctuality,  
anger and hierarchy,
where we are beneath every
visible and given sets of feet?
Precious two by twos.
Will we find a world of characters?
Amusing, learned, wise and tough?
Humorous and of Imagination’s making?
Or will we simply fall helplessly into a pile
of awaiting dust?
With this wise rabbit who always seems to be
quite behind
the time,
a pacifist but proactive also,
if we follow him we’ll end up at the right place,
at the right time,
in the correct frame of mind.
Because his watch is incorrectly set
and he has performed this deliberately
to make his appearance correct and just so,
into the rabbit hole we will fall and fall
and forever in imagination we will delve.

© 2019 Lauren M. Hancock also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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