Poetry: Like A Child – 06/11/19

 Sometime he’s like a child,
he can sit there with device in hand,
smile across his face,
technology doing anything but going to waste.
I casually read to him my words,
of the former verse he approves,
not that I was hoping to continue,
but with this sporadic melody,
I will proceed, openly and vocally,
I will allow the awaiting audience an open view.
He sits now in contemplative silence,
touching the screen here and there,
searching for something to amuse him,
or educate him,
without a concern, without a sense of care.
Because he is like a thoughtful, learning child,
growing with his device he becomes brighter and wiser,
using today’s opportunities to progress, not falter,
and here is the sense of knowledge shown:
it will be used, inserted, among his
thoughtful, intellectual banter.
But, like a child,
sometimes his words will be cast aside,
by adults who feel they know more than him;
there is such a great divide.
Their understanding does not encompass
their understanding of him,
and where he lies in reference to his former knowledge
and where the new technology and understandings are taking him.
Perhaps someday soon he’ll release something of great use,
something accessible and necessary for a large majority
of the world to view,

an invention,
a contraption,
with his initials emblazoned on the back:-
congratulatory words all around,
these will be all the world will have to say at that.

© 2019 Lauren M. Hancock also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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