Poetry: Artistry – 06/11/19

It seems we are all striving to be seen creatively
for our mastery at whatever our
hands, mouths, eyes can fashion, shape, produce.
To be acknowledged for our skillsets at these,
our desire to exercise the right to be
creative and wonderfully delve.
The foundations have already been laid,
there is no resistance anymore,
our work and statures are well respected,
everything is here available to us,
our talents can truthfully soar.
Edit not your words which have presently flowed,
tidy not that corner of your painting whose
colours appeared to have self-imploded,
rephrase not that section of vocals which
ascended and trembled so delicately that
your heart felt it too had risen.
Creatively speaking we are in a new age,
these are times where our artistry is embraced,
looked upon with praise and as distinguished,
not shunned or having our practices
abhorred or dismissed.
Instead others look upon the creators with
wonder at our skills,
amazing imaginations,
imperfect yet perfect construction of our talents,
the ability to reproduce while avoiding direct replication —
this is an age that we cannot dismiss.
For, our artistry and ingenuity are those that make our work
wondrous, amazing creations to be venerated and
allow others to be
visually impressed or otherwise
placated and pleased.

We can impress with our skills with the greatest of
excellence and ease.

© 2019 Lauren M. Hancock also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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