Poem: An Old Friend – 07/11/19

 Flowery, happy moments, 
where our moods and our words
would bounce and leap around,
our eyes playfully locking with the other’s,
as we smiled and pranced,
our voices singing in unison,
such a joyous sound.
I remembered how happy we were,
where we would spend all
our spare time together;
you’d visit me in the various locations
in which I’d lived,
and my goodness, the fun and mischief
we’d always seem to find.
The days and nights which were
happily managed,
when the sun arose
it was too soon for the dawn.
We would explore the world in its
exciting realm of darkness,
the music thumping loudly in our ears,
and our eyes dancing this way and that
searching for other people
to approach and learn more of.
I’d always be too shy to get onto
the floor for a dance,
but you loved to move so fluidly,
your limbs shifting so freely.
But, we grew apart,
for each of us there were differing trends,
different paths we chose:
some to be proud of,
others not so much,
but in the end,
there were decisions and results
of great commendation.
Because we both succeeded
in our own ways,
and while we do not speak,
and perhaps we will never
see one another again,
at least I can hold the memories in my heart,
strong, proud and true,
that I had someone,
a former great friend in my life who had
stuck around longer than
most of the people
who were in my world had proven to.

© 2019 Lauren M. Hancock also known
as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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