Poem: Fruit and Veg – 22/11/19

 A charming little scene,
a still life in my mind,
an aubergine,
an orange,
a laughing apple with squinting eyes.
The contended little aubergine
is centred in our sight,
while the mischievous orange
directly to the side
seems to know something,
we can tell this
from his grin and laughingly delighted eyes.
And what of this delicious apple,
so crunchy and so crisp?
Don’t dive into him with your gnashing teeth
because there will be something precious in your midst!
All three work together
in the still frame in my mind,
an entertaining trio,
of fructose and vitamins,
a feast for my hungry eyes.
Their colours burst,
They flourish before me,
can you appreciate them too?
My clever trio of minds-eye fruit and veg,
sent directly from my mind,
From me to a hungering you.

© 2019 Lauren M. Hancock
also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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