Poem: My Pirate, O My Heart – 22/11/19

(Apologies for the poor image quality. My house had a power outage and I drew this in terribly dim natural lighting.)
 You have stolen my heart you dastardly pirate, 
you have taken me on board with your charming antics.
The times you put on a show for me,
was that you?
Or was that something entirely affected?
Still, I am intrigued by the choreography
that you have interpreted as your own,
you dance, slide, shimmy from right to left, 
taking on board this smooth sailor’s wave,
my emitting heart-zone.
All I feel in my chest is a thump, thump,
thumping and a thump,
because it is you who has wholly taken me
it is you who holds the capacity to cherish or break
my precious willing heart.
And though I beg and beseech you to
chase me further,
to take me under your wing,
to teach me everything sweet, kind and loving,
I know that you are a pirate through and through
and that your merrymaking is simply to
thieve from anyone,
even me,
I already know this of you.
But, be still, be loving, hold me in your arms,
our bodies wrapped together,
arms closing,
don’t break me ever.

My powerful pirate,
let us sail the high seas with
my heart trapped in my throat
as well as in your
gentle cupped hands.   

© 2019 Lauren M. Hancock
also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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