Poem: The Cat Who Dared To Dream – 28/11/19

Georgette was a gracious house cat,
with the prettiest smile in her building.

She was well known for
brightening other animals’ and people’s days,
but inside she was always dreaming.
She wanted to be as purposeful and powerful as a lion,
with the courage and the heart and strength
to face challenges with the best of all of them.
But inside she felt too meek,
too nice to realise that her dreams
could be a reality, not a only potential possibility.
Because, what did it really take to be this lion
of which she wished to be seen as?
Loyalty, courage, qualities of being powerful,
personal resilience,
perhaps these were already within her,
not awaiting in store?
Perhaps she was already a lion inside,
a strong, roaring beast who ruled her world
with benevolence, sweetness and kindness,
why, she was like this presently,
in becoming a lion, maybe she was already there!
Georgette the house cat no longer needed to
introvert and dream all day,
because of her dream
she’d achieved it,
She was already presently there.
© 2019 Lauren M. Hancock
also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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