Poem: The Sun is Pleased – 29/11/19

 The sun beams down upon me:
he is happy with me today.
Sometimes he is disappointed,
other times he may be sorely dismayed.
But I can tell from his
loving warmth which spreads
upon my complexion
that today he is pleased with me,
and the steps I am undertaking in my life
to cause positive action.
I am able to draw upon experiences which,
though once painful and caused
such internal suffering,
can now be turned into something positive,
as though to say,
“Look where I came from,
and where I have been,”
then the comparison of what is fruitful and kind,
and what I have become,
why, I’ve become myself again:
from previous terrors there is
no need to run and hide.
The illness, the illnesses,
the secondary causes,
the uncontrollable sense of living,
it was in no way assured.
I lived flighty, in soaring delusional heights,
I didn’t know what I was doing,
only wished for worlds to explore
and as I crashed and burned many a-time,
faux pas and mental instability a-plenty,
I wonder now,
how it is that I am still here,
writing line upon line.
But I have healed from the brokenness,
the fragility,
the shattered scenes,
and here I am,
living freely and openly breathing.
I am here,
and I will take each opportunity as wholly mine,
there is no need,
no reasoning,
to falter again,
or trip down the line.
The sun twinkles in the corner of my eye,
I think I see him wink.
I now know for certain that he is inextricably pleased.
© 2019 Lauren M. Hancock
also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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