Poem: A Home Away From Home – 30/11/19

 A home away from home,
where we can dare to dream,
we carry our luggage,
our memories with us,
a plethora of experiences.
A building in which we house
our deepest darkest scenes,
and lightness in all mannerisms,
and some things perfectly in between.
With our eyes peering curiously,
and smiles widening on our faces all the while,
we can scan through our tales and winding spells
in a style of carefulness or happiness which abounds.
Because when quietly recalling our memories,
with friends or family, or even just little old me,
we can feel joyous and buoyant
and so self-assured
that everything is effervescent
in all their scenes.
We can relive,
we can feel,
we can dance inside,
abound in delight all day,
because these memories we have
catalogued and stored
in our house of homes
are where we enlist our hearts
as our emphatic and empathic zones always.  

© 2019 Lauren M. Hancock
also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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