Poem: At Least for Now – 06/01/20

 At least for now the sun will always rise,
 I’ll always wake with sleep playfully clouding my eyes,
 I’ll always have that secure home to live in,
 and perhaps a second space where I can truly be me. 
 At least for now my heart is tickled and pleased
 at least, for now, I don’t ache anymore,
 begging upon my knees,
 I don’t require their attentions, 
 most certainly this assertion is true, 
 because now, I know my world is no longer 
 stormy grey, black and blue.
 Hued in colours of brightness,
 frequent moments of wry humour and 
 definitely always something to retort, 
 light-heartedly I’ll try to share certain adventures
 while framing others as truthfully serious.
 But, I know,
 at least for now I need to lighten up my words,
 an assumed requirement to be brightened to be heard.
 A tendency of leaning toward the serious,
 there’s a chilling factor in 
 recounting tales from years prior
 or, if I were to take another avenue,
 I could feed one scene upon scene, 
 leaving one wanting no more,
 the manner is blemished,
 somewhat unclean. 
 At least for now, the sun is shining
 there is no need to compare the “at least for now’s”
 and where I had been lacking,
 because I know that at least for a while 
 I will continue to breathe
 in and out,
 I’ll exhale and recall the letters of 
 my past nightmares and dreams.   
 © 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
 All images signed “LMH” 
 are copyrighted 2019-2020 by Lauren M. Hancock 
 and all rights reserved. 

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