Poem: Cherished – 01/03/20

Who do you love, my dearest,
who is it you cherish?
Who is it that makes your skin tingle,
your veins pump wildly?
Who is it who feeds your desire,
causes you to grow lighter while your heart palpates,
big and small?
Enormous and bolder,
your simmering feelings,
the bubbling brewing of emotions
in the depths below.
These, they are your lovers,
who wait hand and foot and heart upon you,
and their minds,
their minds, darlings,
are plain to see,
they have dedicated themselves to you.
There is a light within their soul that trickles forth
for you to wrangle,
capture and take hold,
the evocation of determination they have captured
for you,
is to ensure that they are eternally by your side.
Even in the ethereal you have love and loved ones
so cherished,
spoken or unspoken,
they like to accompany you,
even with you being unknowing.
But your love,
your adoration here on Earth,
they are here,
willing and waiting,
understanding that your heart
has been made heavy enough.
Thus, they travel alongside,
hand upon shoulder,
fingers laced in yours,
know that in life they will never leave you,
and not even in death shall some depart.
Their path is alongside you now,
they are precious,
they are wholesome in their intent,
to see you successful and happy,
is their goal,
and it is something irrevocably well spent.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Image by Tú Anh from Pixabay

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