Poem: No Matter What – 19/03/20

I am rounder
but I am happy,
the streamlined silhouette once paraded
has become modest at long last.

Need I quarrel with myself?
Discuss that which displeases me?
I am stronger than this,
the crumbling of that petty yet insidious disease
which will no longer triumph above all else.
I punished myself – ah!
Self-persecuted mind and body,
this was what it was all about.
But now,
I am rounder
and I am happy,
I am prone to breaking out 
into song and celebratory dance.
The draconian measures of self-punishment,
to be others' fancy, starring light has long gone,
I am myself,
peculiar and particular
throughout the day and night,
I am unique,
I am one.
I am myself 
and I am worthy,
no matter what size I have become.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Image by 6563351 from Pixabay

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