Poem: A Scorned Beast – 07/06/20

Night mode –
do my wings terrify?
Does the beat of these bones and membranes
send terror, shivers down your spine?
I am ready for the evening,
suit of armour here for protection,
although I won’t need it,
it’s only a matter of deflection.
I shall reign triumph and terror
where I see fit,
your lashing anger and fury show no signs of abating,
how dare you,
with tempestuous words direct hit upon hit?
I am ready for you,
and those of your kind,
my wings,
with their enormous span –
do they terrify?


© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Image by Lothar Dieterich from Pixabay

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  1. The Beast arises from the long slumber Awoken by man and his leacherous deeds throughout the world Awoken to invoke fear and loathing and horror unseen One minute enjoying life The next paying for the privilege Enjoy the horror people there is more to come This is only the start Enjoy

    DMW Hancock


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  2. Good golly girl !  skulls, viper, scorpions?… This is heavy stuff… See this is the comment that comes from inside me.  The flippant me.  But I can’t say these sorts of comments on the site. Your way with words comes through loud and strong

    Who’s Douglas?

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    1. Thanks, Don. Yes, this post is rather heavy. it was written after a fiery argument. I wrote it last month and ummed and ahhed about posting it, and held off until I thought, “Why not just post it”?
      Douglas is my dad. 🙂 He reads my posts daily and likes to comment with his own poetry as his reaction. It’s pretty cool, I think.


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