Poem: Your Place in This World – Spoken Word and Text – 13/06/20

Please listen and read along…
Have you ever thought to yourself,
have you wondered:
where is my place in this life?
Does my existence matter?
What is my calling?
Where do I belong?
Though you may have been
floundering in the shallows,
the seabed unfamiliar, 
grainy sand particles
your feet know not of,
one day, perhaps soon,
you’ll be standing
on your own two feet,
watching the calming ocean
all around.
You may have felt
as though you were
treading water,
your head bobbing dangerously
up and down,
at times gasping
for air –
sweetheart, you’ll never drown.
For within you
is such quiet strength,
you won’t be surpassed
by these coming waves,
they will relinquish
their drive,
their fury,
their abominable war cries,
behold here:
they dissipate all around,
there is no need for
their tumult,
your internal power has been captured,
it has been grasped,
it has been found.
So, sway in the pristine blue,
arms open
either side,
your place in this world
is here and now,
of your journey
you will decide.
Now, wonder to yourself,
why was there any need for panic?
Your cheerful form
playfully bobs,
you move freely to and fro.
Your place is where
you make your mark, 
the settled sediment
as feet firmly plant themselves
in the grains,
I welcome your arrival,
your destiny awaits,
go forth,
challenge yourself,
make your own fate.  

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved. 
Image by stokpic from Pixabay
Music: "Opus One", by Audionautix

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