Poem: Releasing A Grudge – 19/06/20

It’s petty, I know,
to hold a grudge,
not letting go,
clinging to ill feelings of something,
a wrongdoing,
an incorrect action,
a misdeed,
but if I won’t let go,
aren’t I the only one suffering?
While the perpetrator
walks, scot-free,
happily the other way,
nothing dragging down
their conscience,
they have no
sense of guilt,
what could I expect
they’d have to say?
It’s irrelevant, and silly, and stupid
to expect remorse,
when the only person
who really needs to breathe
and let go,
with a calm exhalation
is myself.
Free I shall be
of any niggling irritation,
free of internal annoyance,

when we stop expecting
something from others,
that’s when we regain
our sense of personal power.
No more holding onto these grudges,
what’s the use in priming these patterns
within the cage of my mind?
Inside I must reach forth,
practice forgiveness,
some actions will lighten the load,
make me feel that much more
brought to life,
the lessons learned of old.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved. 
Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

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