Poem: Never Letting Go – 03/09/20

Darling, do I make you smile?
Darling, do I wipe away trials?
And darling, do you – rest assured – realise
that you possess my bloodied heart entirely,
no pieces left for you to view or meld?

I’ve reached within and grabbed it,
quick as can be,
my heart pulsating, living,
it’s grotesque,
nothing like the picturesque scenes you’ve seen,
but I am enthralled with
the delicate nature of my soft organ,
it causes you to smile,
and wouldn’t you know this?
I am here and living and still you clutch me,
so exactly, so evenly, so well.
Unlike others, who will let me go,
you fiercely grasp with a fervour I’ve never known,
the stability I’ve long sought,
the ability to live without being concerned,
my future is not in tatters,
in fact, it’s flourishing,
along with the blooms of many others.
Someone once claimed to know to what I
wanted in life with them,
I never knew their/our answer
because I interjected with my own,
and I am certain that our answers would not have matched,
there would have been much to cancel and fix,
not complicated,
just looking for someone who understood each breath and word
that I'd breathe alone.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Nakota Wagner on Unsplash


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