Poem: Power of Words – 05/08/20

You exist because you can,
you perpetuate your meaning because you will,
you know that to be is to cause problems
to those who wish upon you only ill.
Time is ticking for you, my dear,
there are many positive things which could be extracted,
but instead you realise only the darkness and poison,
you draw them out from you,
inept, you feel.
Some patterns are full of thrill,
and some patterns are hard to kill.
For the role you are undertaking,
it is one of change,
it is one of danger,
you intended to take a different path,
and now you’re mocked for this,
scorned for this,
in a dream, you are made to be the one
they laugh at,
because you are in your thirties and
changing your direction at last.
The mocking laughter pins into your flesh,
biting in the meat, causing prickles,
pain and suffering, no less,
and the direct gaze of their judgemental eyes
is wearing you down,
you simply wanted to move forward,
to leave behind what had long ago been sown.
And now you stay back to confront the culprit,
this is something you’d never have done,
to fight authority's bullets with verbal bullets of your own,
why, for this you deserve your own small throne.
And the irony is that when you do speak,
he rushes off,
pretending to do something
and never returns,
now here you have learned,
the power of words, my sweet darling,
the power within your words.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Camila Quintero Franco on Unsplash


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    1. It’s okay, this is quite an ambiguous poem, so I will explain the context. Thank you for your interest and asking, Sang.
      It is basically me speaking to myself, an outside version of me to me. It is explained that I am existing because I can, I am defiant, in a way, but I am so used to being negative in part about myself (“instead you only realise the darkness and poison”). I also mention that I feel inept in my current life path. But recently, I have made a decision for my life to change direction and undertake a new form of studies. However, in a dream that occurred the night I wrote the poem, I experienced a scene of myself in a classroom being questioned and mocked with laughter by the lecturer and students for being “too old” to study such a course. It is ridiculous but it was obviously my subconscious fears coming out. In the end of the dream, I stayed back at class to confront the teacher, but he ran away citing he needed to do something and he never returned. That’s when the power of words was reinforced, and hence the title of the poem.


      1. Thanks very much lauren for the detailed explanation.

        With the background, I am able to appreciate the poem and the beauty of the words.

        I am glad you have been at last able to swim against the currents and steer yourself to a new path.

        Your dreams speak of your inner fear of rejection. But be rest assured that you certainly will be able to overcome criticism and succeed in your ventures.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Thank you so much for your encouraging words. Yes, you are right, my dream did speak of a fear of rejection, of not being right in others’ eyes. But at some point we need to be brave and take that step forward. I appreciate your belief that I can succeed in my future endeavours. 🙂


  1. I understand your poem perhaps because I think most of us have made changes in our life that were scary and hard but we did it because deep down we knew we deserved better. Great work. Have an amazing day. Love Joni

    Liked by 1 person

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