Poem: Light on the Horizon – 13/09/20

What is this headiness I feel
when I gaze into the horizon?
The feeling that everything will be okay reassures me,
calms me during this fine day.

The tears wept and shed a night prior
which wracked my soul and
reminded me of the reality
we all face here
have caused my body to ache,
my head to suffer,
but now, no more.

The release, the utter flooding of emotion
was required at the time,
and while I rarely sob,
it was something I needed to own,
I realised how I truly felt inside
which I don’t acknowledge most times.

But the headiness when I gaze into the horizon,
the colourful morning canvas splashed with
resonating fire and pastel caresses,
the sight welcomes me and makes certain that I will feel its
strength and beauty within me each moment
that I recall the vision in my waking dreams.

There is nothing to mourn,
only that which I should cherish,
the time together,
the future and present moments in which
my mother and I can meld
our spoken dreams, our woven company.

I will remember these times,
events, no matter that they were
sometimes taken for granted,
our time here is actually so precious,
each moment spent with her is
downright momentous.

I want to recall the precious times,
not remember any negativity or suffering.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Laib Khaled on Unsplash

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