Poem: New Beginnings – 05/10/20

With new beginnings comes new struggles,
everything seems somewhat unfamiliar and
disconcerting because you’re away from normal calm,
and closer to the potential for failure and sorrows.

You don’t know how to proceed,
how to process,
who to turn to,
it used to be the norm,
now the situation is alien to you,
and here you are,
all you wanted was to do was learn.

It’s been so many years,
you don’t know how to navigate,
but it is new,
it is different,
please be kind to yourself,

you can take the time to retrain,
to understand the system,
it shouldn’t be so difficult,
in the end
others have performed these tasks
themselves with their own forms of wisdom,
and so can you, too.

What is life without struggles,
what is personal growth without
a degree of discomfort,
the initial stretch of yourself
to be become a better person
often begins with some form
of duress.

And what say you to running away
from it all,
hiding your head in the sand
or under a rock,
no, that is for people who give up
on challenges,
and you’re not one of these
that trait is nowhere to be seen
within you.

So, strengthen yourself,
understand that you must troupe on,
begin the fight,
begin the process of relearning and
carrying on
because you’ve committed to it,
and this is the right thing to do,

be proud of where you are now,
at the beginning,
where it will all restart,
the journey,
the journey,
another one is commencing at last.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash


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