Poem: Quality – 09/04/21

I darn the threadbare blanket, 
there are weaves showing to me, 
I’m not alarmed by its fragility, 
it’s actually perfect to see.

Because it signals much use, 
desirous times,
this blanket speaks of laughter, friendship and truth,
is loving deemed a crime? 

This blanket’s been with me through a lot, 
covering, securing, protecting, 
I darn the holes away, 
renew it –
it’s anew!
with only little errors to view, 

but are they really errors?
This covering signals the bond between you and I, 
it links me to others too, 
with these friends there’s no need for goodbye. 

The threadbare areas are reminiscent of our 
times where we lingered, conversed, and loved, 
the blanket itself is signalling the quality of my friendships
with few and far in between, 
a small quantity of quality now, 
what is there left not to love?

I am no longer bereft by the smaller number, 
it’s not about quantity, 
it’s about cherishing who and what these friendships are,
the blanket caresses us, 
carries us under,
I am grateful for them, 
and everything. 

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.           
Photo by Nery Zarate on Unsplash        

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