Poem: Adorn – 14/07/21

Toss the book aside,
the one with all the rules,
adorn thyself with personal care,
amalgamate the zones
around the heart and mind,
Complicated? Yes.
Internal battle,
what a sheer delight.

Perhaps I can learn
how to rise,
to gather wind,
a magical,
momentous Me,
I now have direction,
I have purpose,
it’s taken some years,
dragged ten behind, in fact,
maturity intact
yet preserved as immaturity,
I now realise the purpose of
the lock on my documents,
the purposeful silence in keeping
me from me.

Until now.

I sing into
the skies,
shriek with delight,
stroke my tones,
words real and imaginary,
so right,
I’ve been looked after by an Almighty,
my future seems bright.

Akimbo was I,
but no longer unsteady,  
evermore will I
emit my triumphant confessions,
my elegies
and head on toward
the horizon,
I’m sure it’s amazing,
what’s waiting for me.

I will reach certain peaks
with hard work,
it’s all up to destiny?

No, sweet darling,
it’s all up to me.

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

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