poem: envious ivy – 06/05/22

Envious ivy trails round rotten doors, entranceways metamorphic shapeshifting then reality restored, what lies behind the reckoning of Time, a conundrum, in fact, sheer scope, Divine. What cause cataclysmic chasms to collide, immediately doubling or tripling in size? Gargantuan are these sinkholes, blackholes laid in store as winding ivy bends and twists, collectively, more. Soon [...]

poem: rainbow tears

rainbow tears stream from crystal eyesthe making, the madness,of where I’m wonderful and wisethen empty and sad these colours are thus greybut rainbow tears of happiness can still linger for another day. the different moods, different faces which spring forth from withinI now embrace them I welcome themI allow them to be seen because it is in moments of darknessof dejection and [...]

poem: decisions – 29/04/22

There are traits within that I pursueto make better or more settled to correct myself anew to advance forth, to speak a humbling truth,to start a path, or reach for one which I’d already made new.Should I travel in a manner that is safer, in a way?Or take the chance to work hard at what I have maybe been gifted [...]

Poem: steely gorges – 10/11/21

bombastic the moment is fantastique when I shudder with deep peace it’s overall amazing but consequences consequences of this goddamned show pantomime the pleasure, suffering, will I watch it go? I acknowledge it is worthy of being much adored the events forthcoming unexpected yet awaited something silently asked, yearned for it’s inherently palatable this desire we can call home but indulgences in memorandum are dangerous won’t we desire them less? No, let the heart roam. [...]

Poem: striving – 07/11/21

striving my mission is pure, Seer’s blood I am sure, entitled to breathe in and relax because I am laying, stress-relived upon my back, there’s nothing left to say except this, I cannot stress enough the importance of wanting to remain, to be the best in life that I can be, pity those who care not for life, who do not accept it as something to be cherished, loved, adored, too. [...]

Poem: Growth – 31/10/21

sit and contemplatewhat is there to knowwhat is there to sharefrom what has been sownso much knowledgeexperience but they alllay in the pastmoving forwardsearching for moreexploration, positive at lastgrowing each daythere’s no need to turn to dismayfor moments of yesteryears areexactly thatand improvement, well, what is there to fear?I can grow exponentially if I only [...]