poem: falling, falling – 03/04/22

Prompts used:

  • Dearest Heart, I’m falling apart
  • My soul burns
  • Forlorn flames

Title: falling, falling
by Lauren M. Hancock

My dearest heart I am
I turn and burn,
my soul is engulfed by the
wandering cruel actions,
my soul, it speaks, it shrieks,
my spirit rises forth

away from the gloom
I fall apart
floating, into pieces,
ashes fly high and away,
my darling heart watch me
as I fall apart,
my soul is destroyed.

I wanted this but I am not of
sound mind,
the intricacies which arise
when one splits pieces
which are meant to remain whole,
spectacular though this is,
like a fireworks display I watch my chakras
break into shattered wheels of light
brightening the sights for someone else
who wishes to view a colourful plight.

Shall I dance away the pain, dear lover?
Forgetting that my happiness, my heart and its feelings
do not bother,
how far shall I go to be truly loved?
Not by another but by myself,
to stop this nonsense cremation I first need to
extract my inner poison.

But it is long gone, I’ve sucked it clean from my veins,
watch me, watch me work at this prospect,
lest we find the pathway leads to a garden’s winding path,
I explore it in vain.

forlorn flames then lick at my calves,
my ankles my inner thighs, soft flesh treated, imbued,
I’m nobody’s sea baby anymore,
sink those ashes
silt and soul-binding,
and rise forevermore,
myself, my inner love,
will never disband,
entwined forevermore.
© 2022 Lauren M. Hancock Poetry and Prose. All rights reserved.
Artwork by Alice Alinari on Pixabay


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