poem: healing has a language – 04/04/22

Healing has a language,
I whisper softly,
airily it knows,
of the simplicity
and the duality
of wondrous beauty,
poetry and prose,
the writers and the poets
swing each way in kind,
whimsical deciduous trees
sway our way,
whispering in turn,
and slightly, just slightly
out of time.

The rhythm does not plod,
it’s a mirror of complex minds,
the syncopation, patterns, drives us ahead,
out west, north, south,
east: we fly through time,
we develop our skills –
it’s not just a hobby,
this is our dream,
to share love, passion, mythology,
chances and pain,
vocal rhythms drive us to where we need,
healing mankind.
© 2022 Lauren M. Hancock Poetry and Prose.
Image from Pixabay.


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