Poem: Coming Home – 01/10/20

Coming home,
returning to that comfort,
grasping onto something that will make
her feel some level of homeliness.

Away for a time,
in a foreign place,
alone, mostly,
far from loved ones.

Recovering, recovering,
she’s been so strong thus far,
we’re so proud of her,
I wish she’d know this.

Coming home, shall she return to our arms,
our welcoming this day?
An outpouring of comfort,
of care, concern,
our desire to attend to all her needs,
come what may.

She has provided for us all,
she has lived her life in willing servitude
to ensure we have been given the
best possible upbringing,
and now is time to return the loving kindness,
we are always here for you, Mother,
please know this.

Beckon and call as much as you please,
we will be here to listen, give,
whatever you need,
if you request hours of rest,
we’ll allow you that, too,
even if we want to be close to you.

To hear your wise words,
your perspective on the world,
your advice,
your experiences,
your frustrations, fears,
future dreams,

I am all ears,
I am here, willing to be,
here for you,
in whole, not part,
in all,

Let us roll away the painful headaches,
the sorrows,
the calamities within our minds,
let us deal with the blow upon blow
because progress is on the horizon,
future brightness is what we like.

Allow us to understand that we are on
this journey together,
that we will make it through with each other,
there’s not much to understand further,
we will fight this battle together.

Thank you for everything,
I hope strong Father returns home today
accompanied by my brave, courageous mother.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Irina Iriser on Unsplash


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