Poem: Fashionable Undertakings – 06/09/21

My confidence in self-expression, I don’t care for looks of derision, curious undertakings, the strangers I sometimes catch glancing, I wear my big heavy boots with pride, wear dark makeup all I like, I dress how I want without hindrance, it may seem to others a small decision. But I am being bold, letting my choices break the mould, I don’t care for judgements or disapproval, my approval is the only type I need to view. Being confident in myself used to be much of a chore, for I dressed, presented in ways that called for attention, of other’s approval I did implore. [...]

Poem: Good Enough – 17/12/20

Preparation and anxiety will I be good enough, can they, will they see? Can’t they understand that this is a mere portion of me? Will they judge this slice of myself I’ve allowed them to hold, made myself free? For interest’s sake of understanding myself, I’ve had to type and analyse myself, not the present but the past, it is how the foundations knew [...]