Poem: “The Angular Monstrosity” – 24/09/19

 She rises from the depths
from the phantom-riddled deep
the angular monstrosity of the high North Sea.
She attempts to make a show of her pride
with the way she presents herself
a reflection of the way she views her interior —
her internal kaleidoscopic picture.
As a beautiful creature with so much to offer
she cannot understand why observers would shriek run and hide
when they would see her:
Would they prefer she introverted,
and be the one to emotionally and physically hide?
What was so terrifying with her
means of angularity
of differing degrees of separation —
the very thought of her apparent failings
caused her severe crippling anxiety.
Was she truly less than perfection?
Was her interior view an entire riddled mess?
How could she bear to survive when before others
she was viewed as unwanted, undeserving, severely unblessed?
What it all came down to
was an understanding of self-acceptance
that there was nothing there for this angular being to
reconsider in a negative means
nothing to make her feel her presence was
unwarranted unnecessary completely underwhelming.
Instead her heart beats with renewed vigour
as we smile upon her, cheer her on,
allow her to grow with her quiet confidence to reconsider
that the negative views were borne of nothing true in reality
and here she is in her beautiful angularity
showing us her truths,
in all her perfection and polarity of thoughts, feelings and views.   
For we are all different but essentially we are one
together our hearts can beat
Our chest swollen with pride at knowing that
we, like this beauty,
are the emotionally strong ones.
And for those who are not quite there yet
you will make it with some work
some trust
some dispelling of inner hurt.
You will make it, my friends,
simply view our angular beauty as she
twists and turns her limbs in celebration
of her personal development and love and acceptance which
we truly must commend.

© 2019 Alice Well Art, Lauren M. Hancock also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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