Monochrome: A Poem – 26//09/19

Life as we knew it but in monochrome
the moody film noir of everyday monotony
seeping grungy gunmetal greys into our retinas
Sleek stallions on a merry-go-round with eyes bulging
reflecting the wild freedom of living under a cape of black and white
Situations take on a dramatic hue
the chaser, the chased,
through damp dingy dimly lit alleyways
where there reveals a girl resting on her stomach and chest
whiling away her monochromatic days.
With glances so beguiling
inviting to those who wish for nothing more than
precious time with her
her histrionic hair-brained schemes in shadowy scenes
could blow your mind away
break you into two.
Although she will not present
will not allow the lure to become
for her method of amusement in this monochromatic world
has only a small intent and then a little some
To amuse herself
to play in the growing gloom
to pass away the time until hopefully
the sun will rise against the hollow faced pitted white moon.
To return the world into one of colour and life,
nothing chased, nothing desired,
nothing overly and willfully needing to be satisfied.
Where an explosion of rays will cast over the
previously dismal days,
and relinquish all from monotony and return us to
brightness and joviality.

© 2019 Alice Well Art, Lauren M. Hancock also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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