Poem: Mellow Yellow Lemon – 27/09/19

 A mellow yellow lemon liked to watch their faces as they ate.
His juice made their eyes wince and squeeze,
how mighty pleased this made him feel.
Because he enjoyed absorbing other beings’ emotions,
taking the negatives away that they felt,
and altering them into something fabulous
which he could later use for himself.
For example, there was a girl sobbing with great sorrow,
at the loss of her baby teddy bear which from a friend she’d been allowed to borrow,
the mellow yellow lemon winked at her and absorbed her pained emotion;
suddenly her head was wiped of any sense of feeling that hadn’t needed to be awoken.
He transformed her sorrow into something great!
A state of trance, a fabulous world of emotion that could be taken later
to further complicate —

a mess within the ears
a cacophony of sound
the ultimate in lucid dreaming
this was what the mellow yellow lemon was all about.
In his altered state of being,
the lemon danced himself into a frenzy,
so much so he removed part of his peeling,
zesting himself into an utter state of heightened feeling.
He was made useful now for others,
leaving his zesty pieces behind,
a chef nearby picked up each piece,
added it to his cheesecake recipe.
And wasn’t the world glad that not only could he take
but could also give back,
the mellow yellow lemon
always there to alter the human’s negative feelings and facts.
So ends the tale
of the lemon who could change the world,
with a little zest here,
a little squeeze there,
he could make others smile as he absorbed from them what he could change
and what he could share with them from himself.

© 2019 Alice Well Art, Lauren M. Hancock also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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