Poem: The Creepy Crawly Paint Job – 29/09/19

 He creeps on prong-like legs,
looking for something upon which he can work his paint laden head
Because this contraption cross creepy crawly is here to transform
private rooms in dire straits
one feature wall at a time.
He wholly enjoys
no, correction,
he experiences much mirth,
from dipping and rolling upon the ugly outdated shades and hues
of olden times that were deemed as more than beautiful enough.
He feels and knows he is doing the world -
or at least the owners of the rooms a great service -
by creepy-crawly-rolling along their walls that were doing their owners an utter disservice.
He knows how to carefully navigate his pointy feet away from the fresh paint
on one occasion he’d stepped in the fresh trail
and after being screamed at?
Never again!
From then on, his feet were placed delicately outside of the paint trail,
he understood that to be useful he had to correct errors immediately
without any time for a thought to be preserved about it still;
it had to be automatic,
no mistakes, no fails.
His method of painting also had to be methodical
not of madness or franticness
painting feature walls might be boring but boy
wasn’t the enjoyment of viewing the pleased owner’s pleased eyes ultimately worth it?
This is what he lives for
to change the world of others
arduously labouring rolling here and there
day in and day out
without any care for himself:
personal time he has done without.
He wishes for others’ happiness
he knows that to attain this that his glorious paint jobs are the solutions,
and one-by-one he transforms the world of a couple, single, or family at a time,
While their smiles are collective,
Appreciative as one.

© 2019 Alice Well Art, Lauren M. Hancock also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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