Poem: Finding Your Footing – 05/10/19

 There may be occasions where you’ve lost your footing, 
in fact, many times, possibly.
Where your legs and feet scrabble for a holding,
a firmer footing, to cease the potential of falling deep, deep below.

When your heart is almost in your mouth,
the fear is palatable, tastes of thick iron rust,
the bloodied mess that is your broken organ,
still beating, but a complete and utter mess.

There may be occasions where you slip and fall,
into the abyss of the great unknown,
speaking of darkness and unsureness
and times of great distress and unknowing.

These, my friends, are occasions which enable learning,
where you can take what you will from the putrid or frightening moments,
and make of them something worthwhile,
a learning process where you drag yourselves up
and out of the murky dark.

The strength of character displayed from
when you fall and how you pick ourselves up demonstrates a
certain strong will and determination
that I know you must be proud of possessing.

Because darlings, I know that you can make it
through these pains, these issues,
You’ve done it before,
And you can do it again.
Just listen to your aching heart and plaster it with bandages of courage;
You’ll make it in the end.  

© 2019 Alice Well Art, Lauren M. Hancock also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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