Poem: Evolution – 11/05/21

Evolution, absolution, ammunition, contradiction. I'm expected to pick among shreds of dignity like a seed-starved chicken, in the hopes of finding something worthy of contrition, but this 'matter' won’t be absolved with a preposterous predilection, words like a loaded gun, emotional hostage, a 'Stockholm' situation. [...]

Poem: Personal Growth and Sunshine – 31/01/21

The sunshine drips through my windowpane, illuminating, brightening, my heart, my mind, I am finally at peace, there’s no need to search nor find, I am satisfied, satisfied with the breath of my life, my soul it feels so light and kind. Nevermore will I search arduously, high and low, painful, the path impatient but slow for completion through others, through acceptance and [...]

Poem: Land of Inbetween – 30/01/21

Overwhelmed, called away from the line of duty, what do I recall? What is there to own as mine? Treasures of memories from a trove. Responsibility must be taken, I can encompass my decisions as a whole, the knowledge that I’m assisting, even in small increments, helping growth. Of course, I cannot change others’ weaknesses, [...]

Poem: Lantern – 04/10/20

I try to light the way for myself, only me at the present, for myself I can only take responsibility, but maybe in the future I’ll brighten the paths of others, allowing them to feel illumination from my positive attitude and candour. I smile and I dance into my path of least resistance, of least duress, the lantern which dangles from my wrist [...]

Poem: Rolling Waves and Green Pastures – 02/10/20

Rolling waves in my mind pass by, sumptuous, decadent, tidal, in their own time, I smile to myself as I feel the ebb and the flow of my thoughts travel singularly then as one, a conglomeration of multitudes, my will, coming along so beautifully, they could temporarily stun. This is my time, my springtime of my middle youth, where I have now grown and prematurely gone to pasture and I am taking in all I can [...]