Poetry and Prose: The Merman

I sail the seas, high and low, searching for someone to come save me. To hold me tightly, embrace me, and breathe in my scent. To accept me with my flaws as well as for what they might view as perfection sent their way. I ride the seas and find many sea creatures, in many shapes, forms and sizes. Some are kind, heavenly, nice, others, well, not so subtle in their devices. The crested waves they slam onto shore, throwing myself and the others with now-less strange faces onto the rocky peaks making us scream for no more, and it is here I realise I should be accustomed to weathering these waves by myself. It is time to assume there is no need for me to be saved.

Now mermaids and mermen come out from beneath the deep, their glittering, glistening scales, tails and fins are so delightful for me, that I cannot speak. They guide me into the open shores, build a protection, a fort, with their arms and hands then once having assisted me, their presence is suddenly naught.

The seas now calm, the water’s surface pristine and now the colour of a deep blue lagoon, and I wonder to myself have I imagined those former moments out of my reality? Have I imagined the sea creatures and merpeople with an imagination too excitable and prematurely ready? But thinking about it, I once again experience that forlorn feeling, that yearning, of needing another in my life, to whom I can make an offering, a promise to be the one in their life that they can always trust, love and rely upon.

Then out in the corner of my eye, I spot an enormous spouting, a large body of water fountaining in the distance, and I take this as a kind of heralding, that something or someone important might possibly be arriving. It just seems so out of place, for I am used to the waves crashing around, not reaching straight up and down; I know I must remain to witness the arrival of the being worthy of wearing a certain crown. Because I have that feeling, that this is a sea creature whom I will be most blessed to be meeting. A creature whom I will hopefully have the pleasure of calling my own.

I lie in wait, for the moment to arrive. I lie in wait and the nervous anticipation and the trembling takes over outside of me and inside. I lie in wait, and then I meet You, my merman of the deep. The one who could view me as I harness my energy, and not be intimidated when I show all facets of me. The anger, the joyous, the contemplative, my sadness, my irritatingly frustrating habit of being focused on details, details, details. But you are the one who can and will promise to cherish my love, and love me in return, wholly, with your precious heart. My sea creature of the deep, my merman of the sea, understand that you are here to play beside me, to walk through life with openness, laughter and brightness, and to shine, shine, shine, all day and every night together, so freely.  

© 2019 Alice Well Art, Lauren M. Hancock also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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