Poem: Awakening – 27/11/19

The loneliness is incredible, with my heart an empty vessel, who to confide in? who to reach for? When I ache inside, wishing, wishing for more.   To be understood, not unfairly judged, acknowledged, not cast aside or looked upon with a negative view. It’s as simple as realising sometimes, an understanding embrace with no [...]

‘Where I Ache’ Poetry Collection Review and Interview with the Poet, Megan O’Keeffe

I found Megan O’Keeffe’s poetry collection Where I Ache a moving and relatable read which I enjoyed immensely. Arranged into six sections labelled as “My Foggy Head”,  “My Weak Spine”, “My Bruised Heart”, “My Grieving Knees”, “My Greedy Green Eyes”, and “My Soothing Arms”, Megan explores the self and her world in terms of mental [...]