Poem: Spiky Ducky – 21/11/19

 This hybrid drake liked to surf the seas, 
in the foam he would play and turn in
whichever way he pleased.
But he was serious in his intent
of searching for a mate,
a lovely lady friend to
forever speak with,
confide in,
experience with,
and commiserate.
But where would he find her?
The journey was so long,
and he had passed many other duckies
but never the right one.
He wished for the perfect moment
when he and her would lock their eyes
and a flush would come about him
and his beak would tremble just so,
that he wouldn’t be able to even speak
let alone if he could even try.
So, he continued searching high and low
did our dear little drake,
he passed a shroud of spiky fantasies
but they were not for him.
He wanted a hen wholesome
and certainly down to earth
someone whom he could walk
alongside with during life
not a hen whom he would need to
give a wide berth.
Instructions, morals,
truths and more,
he knew that the perfect hen
was out there
just for him,
the surprise was in store.
All he had to do was wait and continue to look,
the pastime had become a fervent mission
and the energy to perform this task
was now monumental.
But it was without any surprise that he came upon
the perfect one,
she was gorgeous, with spikes just like his,
sitting upon a glassy pond’s surface,
a reflective world,
but of his presence she seemed unaffected all at once.
He beseeched her with a honk,
a frantic flapping of wings to prove his worth,
but she still sat there,
eyes untoward,
facing on the surrounding grounds.
He continued to honk and flap just to please
but this hardened ducky hen
would not be appeased.

With sadness he left the scene,
feeling utterly bereft,
thinking of what else he could have done
to heighten and made positive that scene.
A formal undertaking,
internal sentiments showing,
it seemed there was little more he
could have performed
in that moment they had met.
With a sudden whoosh from behind him,
a being rushed right past him,
plonked themselves before his eyes,
it was the unaffected Ducky Hen!
With a smile, she began to peck-peck him
with kisses and lovingly preen him.
She had been playing a little game
in those moments when she appeared to not care,
of his presence she was now so pleased,
and of this the drake was now happily aware.
© 2019 Lauren M. Hancock
also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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