Poem: A Hasty Exit – 05/01/20

 There is the crashing of a chair’s lost footing 
 prior to your return,
 you don’t hear the commotion, 
 you have simply left to relieve yourself of ailments 
 known as niggling thoughts.
 Everything, as always, had been going swimmingly,
 until you reached for her hand, 
 pressed it to your face with longing.
 You fondled something in your shirt pocket 
 hidden beneath your blazer,
 that single sign of eternity
 that you want no other.
 You retrieve it along with your gargantuan, 
 fumbled words lodged in your throat,
 there is no surprise in her eyes,
 only an expression of mild confusion 
 to match your blind hope.  
 She is your choice so why does she seem to squirm?
 Why her acquiescence to your wish 
 as she permits your gift?
 Does she fathom the great meaning for her and yourself,
 your lives together,
 all that is in store?
 Ecstatic, the restaurant breathes and applauds as a whole,
 grinning, you hold her left hand up to show her finger
 as though a prize or trophy she is yours,
 by her choice, she agreed to be yours. 
 Then she silently sat before you,
 poking and stabbing her lettuce leaves, 
 Darling, you enquire, is there something bothering you?
 She shakes her head and smiles, 
 reassurance all around that everything is perfect,
 with a curt nod, you need some time to think. 
 An escape route to the bathroom, 
 where your confused thoughts can be observed rationally.
 You knew you couldn’t hide there forever, 
 you stride out confidently, 
 as though nothing is a bother. 
 To your great surprise and absolute horror, 
 she is nowhere to be seen,
 the ring laying dejectedly and rejected upon the table. 
 She never explained herself, 
 never took your calls,
 or answered your knocks at the door.
 In fact, she seemingly vanished,
 no trace of her to be found in this quiet town. 
 It is as though she was only satisfied for the moment,
 perhaps hoping for something and someone better,
 around the corner she was wishing, 
 not realising she’d be forced into this corner 
 and tied down by you as her less than significant other.   
 © 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
 All images signed “LMH” 
 are copyrighted 2019-2020 by Lauren M. Hancock  

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